Best rechargeable 9v batteries?

I found these:®-Self-Discharge-Lithium-ion-Rechargeable-Batteries/dp/B00EQ3U2AA/ref=pd_sim_e_24?ie=UTF8&refRID=0XABFZ7SNAS2NBP6SF82

Any good? What’s the best?



I don’t know anything about that EBL brand, but I bought these ones and they’re working great so far:

Ah, thank you!

How many volts when fully charged?

Fresh off the charger, they’re around 9.8-9.9 V. After a couple of days sitting on my desk, they were around 9.6.

They’re installed in a fairly low-drain application.

2013 May 8:
battery voltage = 9.5

2014 Feb. 4:
battery voltage = 8.8 V

How about Tenergy Premium/Centura? I’ve generally had good luck with Tenergy NiMH cells. And they are fairly inexpensive to boot. BTW, Tenergy 9V batteries are seven cell batteries.

Thanks y’all! Petey, I’d heard they were under 9v when charged, like a typical AA being only 1.2 v instead of 1.5v…not so, eh?

This is going to power a very low drain preamp that can only use a battery that is 8.5v and up. has pretty good LIon ones (500 mAh), but pricey. They just got 4 with the charger where I work, and called them on the phone and got a nice bundled discount. They are going to get in 550 mAh kits soon though - might be worth waiting for.

A 9V alkaline battery has six 1.5V cells. But a NiMH 9V battery typically has seven or eight cells (seven is more common). This gives a nominal voltage of around 8.4V. However, when fully charged, each cell will be around 1.4V, for a total of 9.8V. And under the mind of light loads typical of 9V applications, you will probably get 1.25-1.3V per cell, for 8.75-9.1 working volts. This is almost certainly HIGHER than you are going to see from a 9V alkaline battery. And, of course, voltage will only be higher with an 8 cell battery - possibly too high for some applications.

How would you do a Li-Ion 9V? It just seems like, with 3.7 nominal volts, it would be impossible to get anything decently close to 9V. LiFePO4 could get you a 9.6V 9V battery. But this would probably have many of the same issues as an 8 cell NiMH 9V battery (which would have the same voltage and discharge characteristics).

I got one in my hand, fresh off the charger it reads 8.30V, and it's rated 8.4V - 6.0V. So, it's 2 internal cells.


The battery linked to in the OP is a Li-Ion®-Self-Discharge-Lithium-ion-Rechargeable-Batteries/dp/B00EQ3U2AA/ref=pd_sim_e_24?ie=UTF8&refRID=0XABFZ7SNAS2NBP6SF82 but one of the reviewers said it only charged to 8.4v, which wouldn’t work in my application.

Think I’ll go with the Tenergys Petey linked to, unless someone has a better one that stays above 9v for longer…

I have this. It works in my lux meter. I haven't tested it yet. I'll test the second unused battery when I get a 9V clip. I have no other 9V batteries to compare it to though.

Thanks for linking me there, I searched and missed this one.