Best rechargeable aaa batteries for this torch.... ???

as title…

Sayno eneloop are good i believe ?

Eneloops. :D

Can anyone suggest the best place to buy Eneloop’s from (I’m in the UK) a link would be great :wink:

How about Turnigy's from Hobby King? Throw in a second set AAA's and some AA's to fill up the weight limit on postage. Very well regarded batteries.


I would have said enloops or the Turnigy LSD ones too.

But… using NiMh depending on the torch, some give up to 50% less output.

Can anyone recommend some that would be OK then ?
Preferably a brand that i could get on Amazon.UK or eBay UK… Thanks

These would be best.

Maybe none of the 1.2volt rechargeable batteries are good enough for this light.

i wonder why the specifications of the flashlight suggest only Alkalines (1.5volt) and not rechargeable NiMH (1.2v) as well.

I personally use AA or AAA NiZn rechargeable batteries (1.6volt) in my ledlensers and in some lasers where the 1.2-1.3volts of the NiMHs are not good enough.

Xiotis made a good point, these may do better. (That includes a charger)

Eneloops are the best!

I will see what everyone else thinks and agrees on 1st then, Getting slightly confused here lol

This may sound harsh, but you can get a lot better light for the money.

If your dead set, you can also order eneloops off amazon at the same time, but I would do a little more looking round for a light first tbh.

An ultrafire 2100 would be similar to your r5-a3, just a little bigger, run an 18650, so better run time and be closer to the output you want. Grab some decent 18650 cells and charger off torchy the battery boy on eBay (he posts here, and is based in Glasgow). If the 2100 is not your bag, I have just got this host:-

It’s a real nice host, I’ve not lit it up as I’m having driver assembly issue’s, but the light itself is solid. You’d probably end up with the light, two cells and charger for the price of the led lenser.

Hope this helps from a fellow brit. 8)

or just buy loads of these lol ?

I was about to say the HobbyKing Ni-ZN batteries but they only come in AA and not AAA.

There is the PKCELL ones mentioned above for $6 or so here (not sure about postage).

And these for $9.20 with free shipping.

There is also a ton of cheapies on eBay but I couldn’t say any are better than others as I have never used any Ni-ZN batteries.

I’d do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I have bought this torch on a auction for just over £22.00 GBP which ain’t too bad… Just need to sort out getting either rechargeable batteries or a bulk job lot of normal batteries…

A couple there

Eneloop's are great but for AAA's, GP Recyko's get my vote. They have consistently bested the Eneloop's in various runtime testing.

Sparky ? Is that you ?