Best Single AA flashlight for 2017/18 ?

If the new Thorfire tg06’s have no discernable PWM that proves Thorfire and Sofirn are good companies if they are one and the same. The most used single AA flashlights I own are Olight’s s15. Just ordered a new Olight S1A for just under $24.00 plus shipping at Olightstore. S15 and s1a are not budget flashlights. High quality they be. The single AA flashlights sold at SBflashlights under their brand name I think are made by Acebeam. The Acebeam M10 and the SB L10 are the same.

I have 2 NW Utorch UT01 that work just fine, at least with NiMH (I don’t have any 14500 to test them). I’m also waiting for a CW version to arrive.
I really like this light. Small, powerful on NiMH, good flood for close range work and decent reach/throw for an AA. If I was in need of more AA lights I wouldn’t think twice about getting one if I could get the $9.99 deals that have been going around lately.

Don’t know if you’re aware of this, but this flashlight has hidden features. You can program each light level with 1 of 3 different intensities. I think that the default moonlight mode can be made less bright if you use this feature. You also get access to a battery check mode when you unlock the hidden features.

I also like a neutral white closer to 4000K than 5000K. I really like that Convoy will offer warm 7A tints in most of their lights, which is down around 3100K - 3200K. However, they’re 18650 lights.

Is anyone aware of any AA lights that offer a 7A tint option?

Come on.
We are BLF forum.
Let’s stick to a budget.
Ny Numero Uno is Utorch UT01. NW version ofcourse.
Also orderd Sofirn SF14 and when it comes I will give feedback.

Welp, my AA Tool arrived last night so I did some quick comparisons to the Thrunite T10 and “new” Thorfire TG06. No hard review, just some quick observations and tailcap data.

On AA, the Tool is just that…a tool. Waste of time. Pathetic output. So I stopped right there with any AA comparisons.

14500 - AA Tool is bloody floody BUT it does so with a defined large hotspot meaning it has some throw with that flood as well. At roughly 75 feet it’s got a well defined hotspot about 12-15 foot wide and it illuminates enough to be very usable. The T10 by comparison just kind of puffs out into an unusable light vapor past 40ish feet. My TG06 (Even before dedome) has a well defined hotspot that is still tight at that 75 foot range with a not very bright spill. The TG06 can stretch out to just about 150 feet but starts to be unusable at that range as it runs out of horsepower.

So, the Tool seems to be the brightest of the bunch, but has the lowest tailcap draw…about 1.3 amp. The TG06 the highest at 1.8-1.9. I’m chalking it up to more/less efficient drivers. What they are seeing at the LED I have no idea. I think a dedomed Tool will end up being a much better light over all than the other two and it’s easily the most compact even with the clicky tail on.

The SF14 will be here soon, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a TG06 clone with maybe less throw and more usable output. Once I get the SF14, I’ll see what I can put together for a decent comparison.

Well, I never owned a TG06, but I can tell that the range of illumination of the SF14 is quite good. Meaning +50 meters you can see what’s going on :open_mouth:

Got some pics here: DOUBLE 1 AND ½ "REVIEW": Sofirn SP10A and Sofirn SF14 *[added night / distance shots] - #19 by MascaratumB

I also compared the SF14 with the Tool AA (both with 14500) and…the SF14 “wins” in almost all the things regarding output and tint.
I’m not “defending” the SF14 or the brand, but I can say that so far it is a very good 3 mode budget flashlight.

At what price does a flashlight go from budget to premium ?
I say under $20.00 is budget.
Over $50.00 is premium.

Looks fine yet what are the UI and specs? Thank you

Can no longer find the flashlight on either Gearbest or Fasttech any longer. Specs could be anything. Let your imagination run.

I find it difficult to find a good AA light under $20, while it’s relatively easy to find a good lithium-ion light for under $20. I think the drivers are more complicated in (good) AA lights, which add to their cost.

One thing I haven’t seen on this forum is a group buy for a good, inexpensive 1xAA light. I’ve seen them for AAA lights, and for 4xAA lights, but never a 1xAA. Maybe I’ve missed them? Or maybe there’s not much interest?

What do you consider a good AA light? I’m still using my Utorch UT01s and IMO they are great at the $9.99 price point and still good at $14.99

Granted, good is relative, and I haven’t ever tried that UT01. Most of the “under $20” AA lights I’ve tried are the cheap sipik type lights, for a few dollars. While they’re okay for the price, they’re not very sturdy, and they have awful cool-white emitters.

For 1xAA lights, I mostly use Zebralights, which are well above the $20 mark. The cheapest “good” AA light I have is an L3 Illuminations L10 with a Nichia 219 emitter. IIRC, I think it was $19.99.

I just haven’t seen a lot of AA lights under the $20 mark, that have good quality and a neutral-white LED. Some people like cool white, but I find it looks too industrial to me.

Hum, when you mean “AA”, you mean “only” AA (alkaline/Ni-MH), not supporting14500 batteries?
Because there are some neat 2017 lights AA size, also supporting 14500’s . I bought some this year and I am happy with almost all of them! :slight_smile:

If you are only talking about AA (alkaline/Ni-MH) lights, not 14500, yup the Zebralight seems to be the most advanced, putting 500 lumens (maybe more?) of a single Ni-MH cell!

My vote goes to the UT01. I have 2, one in each tint and haven’t had any insurmountable issues with them. Just ordered a spare NW for $9.99.

What I like (in no particular order):

  1. reversible deep pocket clip
  2. reversible body (allows switching clip orientation without removing clip and scratching anno)
  3. decent low mode
  4. 400lmn high w/ AA, 800lmn w/ 14500 is very serviceable.
  5. AA/14500 support. Paper clip mod resolves issues with protected 14500
  6. Good modes and programmable
  7. Very affordable
  8. compact size
  9. available in warmer tint

I would have considered the Klarus Mi7 a possible contender, but my had horrific parasite drain (emptied batteries in a day) and Klarus did nothing to help. Even so, I think I’d still prefer the UT01 because of the reversible clip, programmable (and more) modes, UI, better low mode and overall feel. I wish the UT01 had a better switch. In fact, UT01 with a Mi7 switch would be hard to beat, in my book. Jet-1 is also a contender, but the clip is similar to the Klarus, only 3 modes and again, low not low enough.

At $20, I think it’s pretty hard to touch the UT01. At $9.99, it’s a no-brainer.

Olight S1A and Lumintop EDC05 = Utorch UT01 = Manker E11

1. Zebralight H53c Neutral White High CRI

2. Armytek Tiara A1 Pro XP-L (Warm)

3. L3 Illumination L11C (Nichia 219BT)

+ Manker E03

+ Manker E11 = Utorch UT01 = Lumintop EDC05


I also have the H53w and it’s awesome but I wouldn’t call it the best of 2017 because of the lack of 14500 support.

My favourite single AA flashlight of all times is the Olight S1A, If only Olight made a S10A version with reflector instead of TIR lens…

For me AA means basically just NiMH, if i need capabilities of Li-Ion I pick 18650s.
I find 14500 kind of unnecessary and very underdeveloped cells compared to 18650’s . To me NiMH is ok for any AA. :partying_face:

What about Nicron?


I have the same approach. When I need the brightness of 14500 I’m usually hiking in the dark and also need longer run time. 14500 doesn’t provide that and the little lights run into thermal issues anyway. This is where I like the Zebralight approach of efficiency and good brightness on AA.