Best small eternally sustainable enough light

What in your opinion would be the smallest in diameter ( and hopefully length, smallest overall ideally) and as light as possible flashlight light that can maintain an indefinitely sustainable level of at least 2500 lumens or so that hopefully is not totally floody and has a bit of a throw? ( suitable for riding with). Ok forget the floodiness comment if you want - too many conditions , will be hard to answer.

I own some 15 lights and owned several more in the past but I can’t buy all of them to check. I have some idea about the answer to my own question but I don’t think I have all the best answers. What I can say, for example, is mhvast t70 and it’s identival twin thrunite tc20 are not bad in that respect but I believe even they eventually go to a smaller sustainable lumen level. ( I still need to recheck).
Of course, this is assuming that the battery has no limit to its capacity and always stays between 4.2-3.6 range. If you have an answer for the battery depleting even more, that’s even better.

For example I thought my thin profile convoy s21a was perfect and maintained 2300 lumens on turbo indefinitely no matter how hot it gets, as I never saw it dial down to a lower level, no matter what. It was only when I bought the lux meter I found out that the sucker gradually lowers the lumen output but so slowly it’s not always perceptible by naked eye. You know what I mean. I still like the light for its beam profile.

Another example of a false positive answer would be something like convoy m3, yes it can probably maintain the level but not necessarily the lightest/smallest light out there, and small is the key component of my question. Actually convoy m3 would be a wrong answer as it turns off turbo after 50 seconds going to the smallest level, but even the n cut l bel down is 30% of high 5,300 lumen level which is already lower than 2,500 lumens . Of course you can cool down a bit and reapply turbo but this critter doesn’t cool down fast, unless you carry a container of cold water with ya at all times to stick the head it when it gets too hot. I should stop making edits to this thread before it becomes too long.

Ultimately I’m interested in a similar question for 3,000, 4000, 5000 lumens, but that would make the thread too large.

Common share your thoughts. My search for the perfect light is still not over

According to reviews the Thrunite TC20 can maintain around 1800lm without stepping down. After swapping the stock ugly led to a XHP70(.2) in 7A, 5A or 3A bin and maybe after adding a DC-Fix it would make for a very practical high-output light.

The acebeam K30 is pretty compact and it maintains 2,000 steady lumens for 2 hours.

Not as compact as the TC20 you mentioned but you get a fully flat output until battery depletion and very usable beam profile for riding. 3x 18650 provides a much longer runtime vs a single 26650 specially towards the end of battery life where it can draw ~6A.

There are many other lights that can also sustain 2,000+ but being multi emitter they are mostly flood.

What’s a DC-fix? Sorry. I’m still a newbie

I was eyeballing k30 for several days now. And even more so. It’s new successor k30-gt. I was hoping there are 26650 size lights that can maintain the lumens and wouldn’t have to go to 3 battery configuration diameter…
Which are the multiemitter flood ones? Thank you

Acebeam X80GT can sustain almost 4,000 lumens and it is not that big for a 4 cell light. It is also very light weight. It achieves it’s high sustainability due to using so many emitters so each one is running in its highly efficient range. It is the best out there for the size.

Well yeah, I am sure so can thrunite 36 limited edition , but they are 4 cell diameter lights. I mean yes it does answer the question on sustaining 4k which is great too. I almost forgot I asked about that too.
. Hopefully to sustain 3 or 2.5 there is a plethora of lights much lighter/ smaller

Just buy a LIGHT… That suits your criteria.
Then make up a power pack that fits on your belt.

You can then have as long a sustainability beam as you like.

Unless you a wimp that can’t carry half a doz 26650 around for a while.

The Perfect light and power supply will never exist if you carrying it around
and most people nowadays seen confused by weight.
You can’t have both.

I have a decent headlight with great spread.
2 x 18650 in strap at back of head.
Along with a C8+ or Imalent D35 for beam combined with throw.
They suit me

Don’t know how to answer that without getting into a potentially unpleasant argument. Besides, you misunderstood my question. Eternal battery supply was never a problem.

Adding to what SKV89 said, the Acebeam X80 will sustain 2.5K lumens. Good luck finding anything smaller that uses fewer cells - that is not only sustainable but doesn't get too hot. Even four 18650 cells at 2.5K doesn't get you much runtime.

It sounds sad, but I’ll keep searching though. Decided to pull the trigger on the emisar d18, long wait though. Not for sustainability sake of course…… but will keep my fingers crossed to see what that can do….this means I have a sell a few lights though or one of my 10 guitars…Sigh….why can’t one have both a gf and over 20 lights… mystery never fully explained….

The X80GT adds an additional 6 XHP50.2 so the efficiency is much higher than the X80. The more emitters, the more efficient the light runs since each emitter will be running at lower current which is more efficient. The X80GT is as good as it gets.

You won’t find a more efficient light than the X80GT in this size range. If you want to be able to run it for longer durations, you can buy the X65 battery pack which fits the X80GT, which doubles the capacity.

Yes I agree with efficiency but to spend $300 just to run 32k lumens for 30 seconds and then 4,000 lumens forever doesn’t seem worth it. An alternative is to carry 2 lights. Or one on the head and one in the hand for longer trips. Or maybe plus attach one to my electric unicycle.
Another alternative is to carry a larger head light like haikelite mt40 even though I didn’t measure sustainable output for that. But I am sure even Acebeam x45 or thrunite tn36 can sustain close to 3.5-4, or other comparatively large lights. Tn36 surprised me with sustainability , don’t have exact numbers but it was pretty bright for pretty long, and if it didn’t have a defect I would have never returned it to amazon.
But somehow I am still confident that pretty soon a 26650 lights will attain higher sustainability. Thanks!