Best sub $10-15 P60 drop in right now?

What is the best deal in P60 drop-ins under $15? Multiple modes would be great but not 100% required.

Do you want flood or throw or something between.

It would be a replacement for a weapon light so throw > flood, but I don't want a laser!

manafont and DD have some great deals on drop-in.

I can recommend cheap drop-ins.

The ultrafire ones. check this out

right was too vague

first select that... throw xre, flood xml, nice mix xpg

Throw to flood

XRE or XPE > XPG > XM-L > MCE or P7

That how I see it.

You don't want modes on a weapon light.

Especially along with this:

Fits almost all 18650 based budget flashlights with ease. (does not the ones with really bad tailcaps)

Check out the solarforce XR-E or XP-G dropins, good quality, different voltage ranges available 1,3or 5 modes, orange or smooth peel reflectors (smooth give mor throw)