best thrower 2016\10 ?

hi there, i would like know what is good thrower for 1-2x ,18650 batterys? not too expensive… what is your choice?

With no mods:

With mods would be my UF1405, with XPG2 sliced or dedomed on noctigon, and a MNT driver on 5.5A.

i believe thats good but about 1x18650 thrower? what it will be then?

1x18650 probably lumintop TD16 XPL HI
2x28650 probably nitecore EC4GT

thanks! and how about little cheaper?

2x18650 for sure Maxtoch shooter 2x (350kcd intensity) .

i had jacobson a60 before, now i want something same or better… about 20-60€… so do you have some idea?

I don’t know which light this is . Can you post a link ?

Because even a C8 may be perfect for you for 15-30$ (Thorfire C8 , Convoy C8 xp-l hi, XinTD C8 etc)

sorry i mean jacob a60

banggood has several models for convoy c8 so witch one is best for long range?

This one :

1A tint is cool white , 3A is neutral and 7A warm white.Best choice would be 1A not for the tint , but the latest led bin (V2).
It’s a huge upgrade from the light you have now.

Where are you from ? Because some members here mod C8’s for better throw (new driver and spring byppass etc)

im from Finland. so V2-A1 is best choice. i order that. thanks!

For that money you can’t fail :slight_smile:

Be sure to use some good batteries with it , not no-name chinese batteries . Good batteries are Samsung/Panasonic/Sanyo/LG and more .

thanks a lot!

Hi there… What is good for nowadays?

Some newish Orsam chips with jumbelly alphabet names colloquially known as W1, W2 and more recently ‘W2.1 and W2.2 (CULPM1.TG)’.

Finding their way into single 18350 (Manker MC13), 18650(Acebeam L17, Noctigon KR1), 26350(Acebeam E10) and 21700(Convoy L21A, Noctigon K1, Acebeam L18) hosts.

Some hosts use smooth reflectors, while others like the MC13, L17, L18 and E10 use ‘Total Internal Reflection’ or TIR which basically re-routes all the spill and probably most of the corona back into a more intense hotspot.

Come in different colours, White, Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. With Green being notably brightest.

Hoping someone with more dollars and sense than me can make heads and tails and come up with a winner :wink: but that appears to be where the compact thrower game is at.

Thanks lazereagle, how about C8 w/ Osram WF2?
Its not bad prize… but is it better than normal convoy c8 that i have…

I think it will throw noticeably better. A WF1 would throw a bit further but the hotspot is so small it might be annoying.

I do not have one to compare but I have a Convoy S2+ with SST-40 driver and cslpm1.f1 (W2 Green) and its a monster for only a small reflector. I would imagine the larger C8 reflector would make even better use of the W2 format.

I have WF2 in the KR1 host with a much smaller reflector and it just outperforms a C8 XPL-HI, so by the same token WF2 + larger C8 reflector should be even better. (Or consider L21A for even better again! a bit larger light and 21700).

Okay, i only have now 18650 batterys so flashlight with those would be good…

Look this and tell what you think? Convoy wüste tan/schwarz/silber/orange/grün C8 + mit KW CSLNM1.TG 6500K,18650 taschenlampe, Taschenlampe|Taschenlampen| - AliExpress

That looks like the ‘W1 white’ or ‘WF1’ emitter. It will be the best throw distance for $ in a C8 (edit: unless you go green!). The hotspot will be a bit tighter than the XPL-HI, but it will throw noticeably further. Like maybe 120 meters more, which is significant but not mind blowing. Still pretty good for the $! You will waste a lot more chasing the ultimate osram unicorn… trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

So it coule be good choice? price is very good. 18usd and shipping free.