Best thrower under 100$

Hi guys… can you help me with finding light with the longest throw under 100$? Now I am watching Emisar D1S, Lumintop ODL20C and Thrunite Catapult V6… which one is the best thrower or is there something better under 100$?

There are longer reaching lights, but all are bigger lights (bigger reflector):

- Amutorch JM70

- Astrolux MF02

  • Niwalker BK-FA30s

Search the forum for coupons, all are under 100$, Amutorch - less than 50$.

I have the Emisar D1S and it throws pretty well for a light that can still be dropped into a pocket.

For $35 shipped, it’s hardly a risky investment.


Niwalker vastro BKFA30s
Astrolux Mf02

If you want jaw-dropping throw, nothing beats having a Black Flat in a light. Vinh at Skylumen can probably mod a Black Flat in a Manker U21 or GT Mini for maybe around 150. I know that’s a bit above your budget, but IMO the Black Flat’s throw is worth it.

The Catapult V6 is an amazing light, I fully recommend it.

at the moment, there is pretty much just one answer: GB Clone Offically "SOLD OUT" 10/21/18 XPL HI 1300LM Focusing AKA Cometa 2016

I have checked those torches, but just Amutorch is under 100$…astrolix 120$…niwalker 190$… cant find better prices

Look at the Imalent RT35

You have to sign up at

Thats were you will get it for cheap.

I have just signed up. Will try to find something there.

Awsome…let us know what you get.

HaikeLite MT07S-HI XHP35 is on special

There are only 9 left in white color only. I have this light and purchased it for $46 US, it is worth every penny, my favorite so far, Love it. :wink:
Make sure you get the SMOOTH REFLECTOR aka SMO for the 1200m throw, actual throw depends on weather conditions.

Glad to hear that. I ordered a black NW last Saturday so still 2-3 weeks away :person_facepalming:

I have the Black NW also, waited for it to restock. Using 30Q’s give great runtime. Good throw for a medium size light. It’s my daily traveler to work. Keep it in my lunch tote. Enjoy when it arrives. :beer:

Hi mr.freezer

I have the Astrolux MF02, and I’m very happy with it - great thrower
If you already have signed up with M4DM4X, he has a code for it which will make it much less that $100 from Banggood.

Sillen and CNCman have both recommended the Haikelite MT07S-HI XHP35 which I believe is a fantastic torch as well - at an unbelievable price.
I don’t have one to compare with the Astrolux, but I have the MT07S XHP70 which is a flooder, and excellent quality.

I just got this today and it’s pretty good thrower for under $100

Nice man…should be amazing for under $100…

If you do not find - open your PMs - I have sent you the links with the actual offers.

I think mF02 is very hard to beat, maybe that imalent is a bit better if under 100$ i guess also a good choice.