Best way to repair/cover damaged HAIII anodizing?

Hi guys

Some of my Solarforce parts has got chip marks and scrapes in the HAIII anodizing. Most of these are from frequent use. What is the best way to cover them up to make my light look beautiful again?

I've tried permanent marker and matte black spray-paint with a tiny brush, but both wear off with use. Any suggestions/links to products that have worked for you?


Remove the o-rings/glass, and send the parts in to be stripped and re-anno’ed? That’s the only long-wearing solution you’re going to have I’m afraid. Those marks mean it gets used.

Polish (scratching) all the body with sand paper for a nice silver color. :bigsmile:

Maybe look into getting it Cerakoted? It seems to be pretty durable, much more so than paint for example.

Keep in mind with heavy use even the best anodizing is going to show wear eventually. Fortunately aluminum is stable even without any coating, as it forms its own aluminum oxide which protects the metal.

A chipped and scratched light does look more rugged and battle hardened. It’s a different type of beauty that not everyone will like.

I use the budget method, I use a Sharpie of the same or similar colour, black is easiest to “repair” this way the small chips and nicks literally disappear.
You notice the damage more because you know it’s there, others will not notice a disguised repair easily.

Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black, or similar other brand.

Doesn’t work on all alloy types but fixed up my black SRK nicely :slight_smile:

Thanx guys for all the inputs. Yeah I know a permanent solution is going to be more expensive than buying a replacement part, I'm just looking for a temporary solution.

Has anyone used this on some of the Solarforce lights? I wonder how this will match the normal black HAIII.

Thank you very much, I'll appreciate that a lot!

- Solarforce L2P

- Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1 head

- Solarforce S8 tailcap

I usef Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black on the bell of a riflescope, and it did just fine. It didn’t quite match the black finish after 2 applications, but close enough so that only I notice it.Good stuff!

Could you reanodize it without stripping the old anodize? Maybe apply some Plastidip or similar to mask/protect the rest.

You would have to make those damaged areas satin as this affects the look of the anodize (polished, matte etc.). May have to remove any left over anodize too.

Maybe if it's not sealed, but HAIII is supposed to be sealed.

buy a duplicate to keep as a shelf queen and let the used one get more real life experience

I'd say that's a stupid idea if it wasn't something I'd do...sort of already do...

i agree with you on both counts, i bought an extra convoy m1 as a shelf queen… and 80cri emitter host which i won’t use very often because i usually go for max lumens, but i want to see if there is a difference

Hey guys, been lurking around here for a few weeks and I thought I might as well join! This will actually be the first forum I’ve ever joined in my entire history of internet use so you guys must be a decent bunch! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway an alternative to replacing the anodising is to strip it off to a glorious silver finish by removing all the parts and submerging the aluminium in lye (sodium hydroxide) which can be purchased in most hardware stores. This will remove the anodisation and then slowly the aluminium underneath so don’t leave it in for too long! Also do this outside because the fumes are nasty!

DON”T do anything, if you remove the chips and dents you will kill the soul of the flashlight…(i think there are a lot of people who think the same)

black sharpie!

Its not worth trying to get fixed. You might as well buy a new or second light before getting it re-annoed.

Gundam marker.

What about this uv nail paint?