Bestfire soup can, I gave in.. (edit: fake XP-L's, see from post #22 on)

I have a 6-XM-L SRK i’m working on modding to make a 6-N219 high-CRI Flooder, but strip the driver and add in a Nanjq/Qlite with moon light. ( but i would replace the side switch with a clickie so it can turn off and no parasitic drain.

I didn't end up ordering one of these XP-L soup cans - spent too much $$$ on other projects/fiascos, like the Small Sun T43 (T08 w/e-switch) Smile.

Even if you did order one I don’t think you would get XPL LED’s in it.

Mine came today , yay new toy! , so I loaded some Panasonic 3400Mah from my SP03 and …… no light in button press button and nothing nada zip squat no bloody output at all.

LED’s had debris on them so I took front off to clear it and the MCPCB is held in with the reflectors and fresh air, no shelf under it at all.

Then I looked at the LED’s and thought they looked odd every XPL I have has “shaved” sides making it flat down the bottom of the side ( Mine are mainly on Noctigon from Intl-outdoors and they were V5’s )

These are round and I cannot see the bond wires at all

Here is a couple of piccys, anyone know what they are??


I added a loose XPL on top just to compare the two LED’s in case anyone is wondering about the 10th one.

I bought mine from is it worth going back to them or just starting a Paypal dispute?

hmm not XP-L and not Cree. Looks like the same “mystery emitter” that we delt with a couple months ago hiding under a centering ring. Somebody figured out what it was, but I don’t remember anymore.

I wonder if Djozz got real XP-L’s or maybe just didn’t inspect the emitters?

I identified the LEDs as being PK2E in the centering ring case, but these in the photos are not PK2E.

Hhmm. I just got a cheap, crap triple XM-L2 dive light in from TMART - same looking LED's, footprint of an XP, not XM, and same look as those with the white base.

This one: for you sucka

the "dive for you sucka" is my own creation Smile. Things are goin from bad to worse out there. The 5000 lumens I can live with, but the bait 'n switch of pictures and parts specs is ridiculous. Of course the stores we buy the stuff from never see the product they sell, so they are getting baited same as we are.

The light I got had a 1.3A at the tail on 2S cells, so maybe ~2.3A to the LED's I'm thinking, and got about 500 lumens measured out. The dive light though has a very thick lens, so extra loss's there.

Now it makes a whole lot more sense. No way can they sell those lights at those prices without bait 'n switching us on the LED's.

I got a dive light just like the one pictured there. I can’t remember which store I bought it from, perhaps Tmart. But it did have XM-L emitters. Too bad the driver quit working after less than a month. |( I still have the light, but I’m unsure what to do with it, since it uses a hall effect sensor for switching on/off the driver.

I bought the dive light at like $18.nn, on special deal. Was talk'n this morn bout building my own hall effect driver, but with multi-modes based on a port that would give me a signal level on the magnet strength. Might be a different part, but they do make them.

YESSS!!! I want one, when you get it done. :love: Also, are you interested in doing those MTN-MAX drivers for me? :bigsmile:

Well, then the 7*XP-L and 9*XP-L I bought from FT will be fakes too…

Smells like a refund…

Djozz - do you have original XP-Ls?

I think so. Even in FT’s pictures it has the fake emitters.

I got a couple of those dive lights from a Light In The Box pricing mix up a few weeks back:

It had XM-L emitters, but was generally unimpressive.

I had two of these; I took the first into a swimming pool (above ground, only about 40" deep) and just let it sit on the bottom for a while. Took it out and it was full of water, in the head, reflector, battery tube all. Now corrosion on the driver, and messed up reflective coating on the reflector.

I think I'll keep the second as a "Water Resistant" option, but it's not great for that due to the low drive current, poor heatsinking, and funky operation of the hall effect switch.

Thread derail complete!


Chinese XPL knockoffs “Kree LED”


PK2N-1LWE 3535 size high power leds replace cree led

Definitely not this

Don’t say that
All will be fine. They will be Original XP-Ls :frowning:
FastTech, don’t let me down!

They put original XP-L V5 in the first 1000pcs then they will start using XP-L V2 and other lower bins, that is how generally this stuff works, but in this case I see they started with mislabeling the LEDs directly.

time to file a claim.

Well I'll be d... I got fake emitters too, never bothered to check them :-(

I will at least start a ticket at dx :tired:

Sorry guys for mentioning this fake deal

it happens, don’t be to upset.

No prob at all djozz - no telling what you will get from order to order, or even if 2 lights in one order will be the same -- this is the budget world of anything goes...

Oopsie, keltex78 - I see now - yes, same dive light, but mine said XM-L2 but got fake XP size Chinese LED's instead. Interesting...

This seems to be a snowballing effect taking over ” Budget” lights from the sellers we buy from…
I just received a single so-called “XP-L” light with the crappy knock-off LED in place of it.
The Chinese seem to be replacing the better real Cree XP-L emitters on a large scale with cheap, crap, knock-offs called “Kree” with no quality control or capabilities, and listign them with false claims and photo switch-outs.
We all need to file claims, refunds, etc/. to put pressure on the sellers to stop this travesty before it gets worse, and gets to the point where ALL the lights we buy come with useless trash emitters.
I’m glad i backed out of buying this light now knowing it has fake XP-Ls.