Better for Throw: Stock Convoy L2(SMO), L6(OP), or L6(SMO)?

According Simon the L2 reflector is better suited for throw
There is also the L21A with xhp35hi which should theoretically outthrow the SST40

Im leaning towards the L2 host, the question is what emitter… so many choices … got to be the white flat for me

I really enjoyed that post, as I don’t quite understand which optics design does what and which is better for different applications.
As Rocky74, I am looking into getting one of those lights, so here are my thoughts on them:

1. I wasn’t impressed by the L6 throw/intensity, in all the comparison shots I’ve seen of different flashlights
2. I like the option to have the longer and shorter battery tube, preferring the shorter 1 battery option in L21A
3. in a flashlight, I mostly look for throw, so I want something that has less spill than my Convoy M3 (which I absolutely love and I think if I had to pick one light of all my lights, for practicality and fun, it would be the M3) and more throw. I have the Convoy Z1, which I love as well, but would like something with the high lumen of a xhp 70.2, NOT the price tag of SBT 90.2 and controlled spill of a zoomie/TIR, so was looking at the L21A or M21C-U, in the XHP 70.2 flavour, but haven’t found a beam comparison between say, M3, L21A and M21C-U

I have the FT03 in SST-40 and waiting for the XHP 50 version to arrive.

@Lightbringer: regarding the light wasted as spill for angles between 0 and 45 degrees, is there a reflector design that focuses some onto the target?
Would a different ratio between diameter and depth help and if yes, are there designs like that in a flashlight? (I would imagine a longer narrower reflector would spill less)

A reflex design, where the LED fires backward onto the reflector, catches all that light. That’s about it.

Are there any good torches of at least 4000lm using that?