Better registered shippment tracking

Unsure if you all know this site:

you can get a better idea where your registered package is.

Put the usual RB0123XXXXXHK tracking number under:

Post/EMS(with USPS

click track, and then click on select country tab for better information of whereabouts. For my country Switzerland is often the next transit destination after HK departure, your may vary. A bit of luck and educated guessing may provide you with additional info or whereabouts of your long awaited new toy.

I find it nice, maybe others will like it too. :)

Where you see "airmail"? I dont see it

Sorry... i stand corrected.

That's useful to know as the UK post office doesn't tell you anything at all about incoming packages from overseas. I'll certainly be trying this one.

Thanks for the tip!

Hey, nice tip, thanks!

Youre welcome. :)

That's pretty neat, though it just took me to Hong Kong's site and then the US Postal Service site, which I could do on my own I guess. I checked a recent shipment and didn't know that a HKP number could be tracked through the USPS. I thought once HKP said it had left the country, that was the last I would hear about it until it showed up at my door. But my post office always scans the bar code and makes me sign for it, so I should have known they were tracking it too. Learned something new! Thanks.

For many EU people it is usefull because many packages goes through Switzerland first, not sure if it is true for UK territory. Should be suitable for Austria, Belgium, Poland, France... perhaps...

It is nice to know that a package that left HK on 22 of december already cleared customs and left Switzerland 4 days later.