mmm me likey!

SolarforceFoyou'rekillingme, looks great!

Need before and after pics

..Before .....

After :)

Excellent as usual Foyzel Maker par excellance.

Have you considered starting making them and selling them maybe in a 3 pack offerings or perhaps going the boutique route and selling singles?

I could easily see a niche market for those. But obviously i would rather comission some1 with a lathe to make them (custom series) rather than grinding the stock expensive ones.

In China there should be easi to have a company make them decently enough but i would assume no1 would bother to do it for lessthan perhaps 5000-10.000 units. (that's a lot of steel, the postman would probably be pissed).

My guess is it won't be long before something similar shows up at Solarforce (or somewhere eles) for about a third of what I can make them for. Believe it or not, I have actually sold at least one to a real paying customer with many more requests . . .

If the stainless strike bezel can be produced and brought to market for $5 or $6, it strikes me as odd (no pun intended) something like this isn't available already. Now that I think about it . . . cutting those bezels however they do (CNC, whatever) is one thing, but polishing that much smooth stainless sufficiently might be a challenge for mass production. It's a challenge for me even at piddling production. They seem to be able to do it with their stainless trimmed tail caps so, probably just a matter of time.

Until then, I'll sell a few here and there, pass some time having fun making them and bask in the glory of my "success."

My inner narcissist would enjoy seeing "Foybezels" etched somewhere clever - possibly on the inside beveled edge or the edge closest to the lens. The outside edge next to the head might be a little much . . . although Foy would like having such a bezel. Hmmm . . . just gave myself an idea . . .


Do you grind and polish these by hand? Must take roughly forever.

The stainless takes me about 2 hours, from start to finish and yes, all by hand.


Two hours!

I'd have thought a lot longer.

What do you do to them?

I was expecting six or more hours.

May I just copy/paste "instructions" I gave Boaz a couple of days ago . . .

"It's one of these . . .

. . . taken down with an orbital sander until just when you can't see the crenulations anymore. It chews through 3 or 4 discs of 100 grit sandpaper but anything faster heats it up too much.

After it is completely flat with the 100 grit you tap it lightly a few times with the orbital with 220 grit being careful always to keep it even and not hit it on the edge or anything.

Then . . . you go inside from the garage, turn on some lame cable news show and while disagreeing vehemently with everything being said, carefully rotate your bezel (that is temporarily installed on a P60 host, the head of which you don't mind scratching all up) on a piece of foam padded 150 grit sandpaper.

Then . . . put 10 taquitos in the microwave and repeat the above on foam padded 220 grit sandpaper. Eat 8 of the taquitos, throw remaining 2 in the garbage in disgust and repeat again on a piece of foam padded 320 grit sandpaper.

If you did it right, it'll look like these:



If you do it right it looks like these


LOL! Taquito, burrito, tortillas, is it me or mexican food is basically the same food over and over again?

I love chinese restaurants ("optimized" for eu tastes). The three dishes of choice are always:

1. Chicken, soya, mushrooms plate

2. Mushrooms, chicken, soya plate

3. Soya, Mushroom, chicken plate

Very nice! I really like it.

Thought I'd post some more bezel beauty . . .

Bezels courtesy of Foybezels™

dat bezel :o

That's SS6 or SS10?

Not sure. How do I tell?


Actually, looks like neither - the B6 (which I wrongly referred to as SS6) has 7 'robs' on the inside, and the SS (which I somewhy called SS10.. I am weird today) looks completely different from what's on your pics. :s