Big Clive Playing with Poopy

Yeah, and he took it apart too.

I follow him on YT, never seen a portable charger like it.

Big Clive playing with an impractical shaker light with a reed switch. Uses a capacitor to hold the charge. He always has interesting content and is worth subscribing to.

I actually like(d) those shaker lights. Had one a ways back, completely gutted it and filled it with a trio of sub-C NiCd cells. Put a pancake coil and diode (no bridge) at the base of the cell-stick (solder-tabs on each) to slow-charge the beastie from a Sonicare charging-base.

Don’t think mine had a reed-switch, but some kind rubber-plug-sealed slider switch.

Also think the Angry Blue™ LED I swapped in was the first I ever got on a 20mm star, as I remember asking “Hownahell am I supposed to use this?”. :laughing:

It gave me an excuse to use up some surplus sub-C cells I had… and still have. :open_mouth:

Here’s his fake shaker light from a few weeks earlier. Real shakers were already rather impractical, but making a fake one simply takes the cake. If you want a human-powered light, buy or build one with a crank.