Big head thrower XM-L, 29.9 + 4.58 shipping @ CNQG

Not too bad, but it says 2 amps. Nevertheless it should throw ok. Just another option in addition to the Trustfire X9. There is a 2-cell model available for just $2 more.



The unbranded SkyRay A0

It's much shorter than the Trustfire X9. I find it not to be very attractive also, but such is life. At least it's not that expensive.

Dos remind me of:

But i still like it.

The price for this is nice. I will wait for someone to test it though before purchasing. I want a good single cell thrower and the X9 is too long for my taste. This light isn't pretty in my eyes with that bare SS battery tube but all it needs is a nice paracord or leather wrap on the body and it would be transformed into a supremely attractive torch.

I see I am the only one who likes the design haha.

I do not know how it performs, in my head it should throw less than the X9 but with a wider beam..

I like it. I'd take the battery tube to my old workplace (machine shop) and get them to put a nice agressive knurl on it though ;)