Big Hi from the Netherlands

Hi everybody,
I”m Rick,
I live in the Netherlands, in Apeldoorn. No real needs for super spiced up flashlights here, i dont go hiking in te woods etc. No kids who will “lend” my lights, and a lovey girlfriend who doesn’T complain about my hobbies and addiction to anything with lights 8)

But some nice lights for in and arround the house i do own.
Mostly my lights are some AA Fenix lights (ld12,e11) and some AAA lights like the Tank007 E09, and fenix e05. And yes, i own a Veleno quantum D2 with trits…

I always liked flashlights and other lighting thingies, so i decided to build some lego light … And ordered some different solarforce parts for 2 lights ! Now waiting until they arrive….
To start with i ordered an alxm2 pill in t6 nw, 5mode from intl-outdoor, and for the 2nd light, im still thinking about a 3 led nichia 219 dropin for more throwy light.
On the other hand, building my own dropin with parts form dx and/or fasttech is something i would like to do …
Ah… That is where the ease of p60 drop ins come in…… Can always switch to what is needed……
Well, i think for now i continue reading a lot of topics here, an learn from it a lot…

Hi and welcome LanWolf. All the best with the flashlight modding and building. Best look after that girl friend of yours if she doesn't complain.

Welcome on board!

Dr zijn hier meer nederlanders dan je denkt ;)

It's a pleasure to know you, LanWolf!

Groetjes uit Den Haag.

From a Queenslander - whose wife comes from Utrecht

You'll enjoy this Forum

Welcome to the forum, the Dutch group is getting big

Welcome… :bigsmile:
Your girlfriend is not complaining……yet… You just got here… :smiley:

Welcome to BLF, LanWolf!

Welcome to BLF, Rick! :party:

Welcome to the forum LanWolf.


Building drop-ins are a good way to indoctrinate introduction to the hobby.

Wekom uit Amsterdam (nu even op Terschelling).

Tnx everyone,
Well as long as my gf gives me spacepens and other edc stuff for birthday presents, i think even the addiction to more lights is no problem ….

For the dutch:
Leuk dat er een ook een groep hollanders hier rondhangt. Beetje dezelfde ervaring ? Eigenlijk altijd genoeg licht , maar een zaklamp er bij kan geen kwaad ?
(Terschelling, daar staat toch die hele grote zaklamp? :p)

Ja, ik word wel wat jaloers van die bundel, maar als ik dan denk aan het aantal lumens/gram dan wint mijn elkedagmeeneemlampje het glansrijk :-) .


Hi and welcome to BLF !

Welcome to the club!

Won’t take long before we can call it dutchlightforum here :stuck_out_tongue: