Big LED search / spot lights?

Anyone familiar with any of these? Might be fun to mod one up into a big thrower.

Odear, your WASING your time.
Don’t be a SUNCA :smiley:

Too much plastic, no heat sinking.
No way to mod it anything near what a stock Convoy L6 or a single cell thrower can do for the same or less money.

If u have the parts laying around then go for it, but if u have to order all the parts like said above u can buy a L6 fur that

The reflectors in those are horrible quality too.

Ugh thats a real bummer.

Plastic doesnt bother me, i was thinking about forced cooling fans. But poor reflecor quality would be a deal breaker.

Worst case it is a chrome painted piece of plastic, best case it is a pressed and polished aluminum sheet.
That’s how they get them so cheap. Neither of them will focus properly :confused: or if they do, the % transmittance is really low.

thats funny

The reflectors look exactly like these 110 mm. Very thin alu.

Yeah thats what I was thinking. I was hoping someone here could offer first hand experience with them. Unfortunately when it comes to big higher quality reflectors there just aren’t any options on the open market. There are alibaba OEMs, but those are still $$$, high minimum order qhantities… and they are generally set up more as a part supplier.

Another one here….

thin, easy bend
poor reflection efficiency

I hadn’t thought about reflective properties… bummer.

I don’t really think surface finish has much to do with it being plastic or aluminum. Both can easily be given a good surface finish before metalizing to produce a good reflector. In fact plastic is often easier because a good injection mold can produce very good surface finish at minimal cost, like plastic lenses and TIRs for instance. The reflectors you don’t want are the type that TBone linked and probably the ones in those lights that are spun aluminum instead of the machined ones we get in nicer lights. While much cheaper it’s pretty hard to get metal spun parts accurate enough to make good reflectors, would much rather have a plastic reflector than a spun aluminum one.

Edited: After looking at the pictures close and deciding the reflectors are probably spun metal and meh quality.

The reflecting side is not as bad is it sounds. It has a good smooth mirror finish. Like on the product photos.
As scianiac said, not sure about the quality of the geometry.
I have three different sized reflectors in my spare parts box. The big one arrived deformed…

I have never seen that type of LED though. The driver is glued to the back of the reflector.
If you swap the LED and put a heatsink behind the reflector to cool it you still have the heat trapped inside the plastic housing.

I have 2 of these 110mm reflector flashlights (90mm inside diameter).
Sorry I can’t use the right word for “poor reflection efficiency”
I think, I do not buy again.

(My modded)

Pok how was the beam focus though? was the LED die at the focal point or was it out of focus?

I was thinking about adding a heatsink and cooling fans on the back side of the reflector, with added vent holes to allow air flow.

beam focus before modding is OK,
but after modded the reflector, beam focus is horrible, because It’s thin and easy bend.
From my pic, I use CPU heatsink, another one I use CPU heatsink too and cooling fans flow to tail.

OK great thank you for the information… very helpful.

What size is the MCPCB?… 20mm?

I think these lights are intending to use the aluminum reflector as the thermal path. So I am thinking about adding a heatsink and small fan to force cool air. I need to cut air flow vents to allow cool air into the light. Plastic case is a benefit in this situation… I think.


I was going to purchase a few of these to play with. For the price, yeah, not surprised they are thin. And yours seemed to have warped/bent when you cut the bottom off. So, was cutting the bottom out and warping it your issue? From your pic, it seems somewhat of a crude cut. If more ‘finesse’ were used in modifying the reflector do you think it has potential?

Might as well get a Maxabeam