Big snow to hit New England(US): -10F/-23C on Mt Washington right now!

Almost 100 mph winds the last 24 hours!

Buy bread, milk and charge up those cells. Hope everyone stays warm and safe.

thanks for the reminder, good day to fill up 3x20lb propane tanks :wink:

Yep, it’s going to snow. It’s going to snow ALOT!!! Boston, Hartford, NYC will be snowbound. Families will huddle together…. and play Wii. Text messages, tweets and vines will make it through the analog weather. Folks are stocking up, water, meat, bread, eggs, diapers [including folks w/ kids in their 30’s].

The media are warning everyone; “IT’S GOING TO SNOW!!! POSSIBLE BLIZZARD CONDITIONS!!! ORDER ”YOUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON THIS DVD!” download on I-apps for only $9.99!! including the vital; “IT’S POSSIBLE TO SURVIVE A STORM BY STAYING INSIDE YOUR HOME!!”

We have oil tanks full, wood in the fireplace, the pantry is stocked, the snowblower and cars have full tanks, plenty of snacks and dog treats, and I have several dozen 18650s charged and ready for duty…

As to the weather on Mt. Washington; it’s known as having “the worst weather on earth” for a reason. 100 mph winds are more common on the summit that calm days. The buildings are chained down [literally] and the weather observers are professionals.


Is there actually consensus on what's going on, where it will hit, and how hard?

3-6" inches is really no big deal... 12-18" would be a big pain the butt.

wunderground says 14” tomorrow night for delhi. doesn’t mean much here, except that I’ll have to decide whether to pack it down w/ my truck or run the snowblower 0:)

My dogs will love it. I should take a video.

The US Weather Bureau has started naming snow storms and apparently the best they could come up with was “Nemo” (…really?!)

I don’t know about you, but Nemo is a name that I associate with a cute little clown fish!

Hmmm... Currently 62 here with a forecast high of 70. Five-day forecast shows our low this week will be 45 tomorrow night...

The latest models forecast 18” up to 2 ft of snow for most of MA with gusting 65 mph winds. My snow thrower is primed and ready, got extra gasoline for this storm. The snow will start late Friday morning picking up in intensity in the afternoon 1”–2” per hour to 2”–4” per hour after 5pm. The snow will continue into Saturday ending Saturday at 7pm.
I picked up bread, milk, beer and wine.

I’m prepared for the nor’ easter this weekend. The rivers are blocked with ice from the warm weather last week and 15+ inches combined with warmer days forcasted next week could spell for some bad flooding in my area. We had two big floods last year and hopefully we wont have another.

I hope everyone stays warm and safe on the north east coast.

The US weather bureau is a bunch of clownfish, don’t know about cute.

Good luck to all yall, up there in de north! Stay safe and keep an eye out for friends and loved ones. Don't forget the pets and wildlife either....

I think I'll go fishinSealed

+1 :slight_smile:

We had a couple of inches the other weekend, England stopped lol.

Stay safe brothers. :santa:

Snowblower, cars, generators and flashlights ready to go, refrigerators stocked for both the kids and adults, bring it on.

The only problem is my new band was going to be playing our debut gig Saturday night, it’s already been postponed.

done that. having grown up in milwaukee WI, it sounds very familiar. it is a good time to hunker down. stay safe everyone, it will pass.

The rest of the world had quite a laugh about that.

Some of us in the UK consistently have a laugh about it…. :bigsmile:

81º on my thermometer as of 3:15 PM central time. Kids out riding his bike, beautiful day. You can almost hear the weeds growin!

Yup, Environment Canada is predicting 40+cm for parts of Nova Scotia between Friday night and Sunday morning. It’ll be the first real snowfall Halifax has seen yet this year.

Better go stock up on beer and hot chocolate.

Gotta be prepared.