Big snow to hit New England(US): -10F/-23C on Mt Washington right now!

What’s that charger on the corner of the stand, with the blue light on? I’m looking for a better charger than the Ultrafire WF-188.

I wish the best on y’all that are in line for this storm.

That is the Intellicharger I4, it charges up to 4 cells of either li-ion or nimh.

It’s an Intellicharge i4 v2 really great charger.

what is this snow you speak of.

Sent from 62 deg north.

Cool white stuff.

Sent from 64 deg north.

Purchased one of these, Red Dragon flame thrower last winter, and works like a charm. With my custom shoulder strap propane tank it makes melting snow drifts ice, stones, blacktop, and clearing a 60 foot driveway kinda fun.

Be warned when finger fully depressed at full blast its sounds like a F22 twin F119 Pratt and Whitney's backing up into your living room. It will cook any surface in dead winter within seconds if your not careful. Good fun!!

I am glad my humor was not lost :smiley:

Love it!

Bank of America sent out twitter reminding people to take cash out of ATMs to have on hand…

you know, when you need cash in a blizzard.

I wonder how much they made on ATM fees?

Looks like I’m gonna get clipped by the deformed little fin of this sucker. :bigsmile:

But how far up in the north lives the northernmost member in BLF?
Can´t be me for sure.

Every storm is a catastrophe. It’s what sells and keeps you glued to their show and advertisers. Nevermind that the Northeast has had blizzards before, and will again. We get snow every year and every few years you get a couple of feet of the stuff. Like everything else, have a few extra things of food in the fridge or freezer, and get things somewhat prepared (ie: charge your batteries, snowblower gas, etc).

I’m just bummed Central PA will miss out - I love the snow and keep telling my wife we’re do for another 3 foot of snow storm!

Stay safe you that are in the path.

Just starting to taper off here north of Toronto. We got 12” easily, not too bad. I think they called for 6” for us so a bit off.

Have about ~4-6 inches now, total forecast is for 10-14. Really no big deal considering I didn't have any plans for the weekend.

The Snowmageddon and sensationalist news about it, bugs me more than the snow.

I need to buy one of those :slight_smile:

My daughter is stuck in her car, what would be normally 20 mins away, but could take hours, if at all. Total chaos out there...

Of course the school makes sure the kids are taken care of, but the teachers are on their own - she had bus duty, didn't get out til late. Got a relative nearby to pick her up, hopefully tha will happen. Sounds like the roads between us and her are closed or completely jammed.

Snow is just starting to fall here. Sounds like we are going to get some of the worst of it, both storms combining and going right over the top of us. No big deal, I don’t have to go anywhere, gonna be a lot of snow and wind though.

I just hope we loose power for a bit in the dark so I can finally use some of these fancy flashlights I own. :stuck_out_tongue:

All done here, might have 14-16”. Dug out already. Clearing the ice rink made a huge 8’ snow pile for my son to play on.

A friend lost control, flipped his truck on the highway, not a scratch on him. Truck; not so much.

All those to the East, be safe tonight and tomorrow.

Getting hammered here in MA. Must be at least 14” of snow, howling winds and the snow is blowing sideways. Bet 24” or more by daybreak.

I’ll post pictures after I dig ourselves out.
We were supposed to leave for Ohio this morning. They had snow 5 days in a row last week.