Bikelight on a Motorbike

Hello Guys, im pretty new to the Flashlight business and hope to finde some help here.

I want to mod my Honda by putting on 2 bikelights with 3 XML each.
Im looking for lights like this:

They would get power from the Batterie (about 13,4V), all 6 LED will wired in series and regulated with something like this:

with a current about 3A
My question is, what light is the best for this application? Is my plan realistic, any suggestions? I´ll remove the original driver in the light of course. And im thinking about putting an alluminiumcore into the light for better heattransport (do anybody know, in which light, there is enough place for an alluminiumcore?) .
Best Regards, Ed

Hi Ed, and Welcome to BLF.

Although the light coming out of 2x3xXM-L bike lights will be enough, the beam profile will not be suitable for commuting. The lights will blind on-coming traffic.

So unless your bike is a dirt bike, i would vote against it.

I also think it would be a bad idea for street use. Note that halogen and xenon bulbs are both shielded on their own or in their housings, and that prevents others from looking directly into the highly intense light source. LED bike lights don't have any shielding, which means people can looking into a tiny chip that's putting out a great deal of light. If you could add shielding, that would alleviate the problem, but also reduce output. The only type of light that already inherently has shielding is lights with reflex optics. Those have serious problems that make them unsuitable for your use.

It would also be illegal for street use in Europe and the United States. Not just because it's not an approved housing, but because it couldn't possibly qualify because bike lights don't have any cutoff whatsoever, and street vehicles are required to have a distinct cutoff.

Now if you'll only use this offroad, then do whatever you want.

As far as the lights you listed, don't count on the output being over 1300 lumens for any of them. I think the beam profile will be good enough to go 100 kph. I know when I go 30-35 mph on my bicycle with my lights on high, my lights throw much further than I need. I have one light similar to the lights you posted, and my other lights aren't as powerful.

There is a missunderstanding. I dont want to replace the original bikelight, that wont be clever in my country. At least i wont get far with the lights on. Still i like the chromaticity of the halogen bulb. :heart_eyes:
I want them as additional light, like this one:

Either as standalone for bad roads/offroad or as addition for high beam, im not sure until now.

The lights have low lumen specs, becase they are underdriven with the original driver, thus they dont get “enough” current. But like is said, i will power them with 3A, each. That makes round about 3000 lumens per light, depending on bin and temperature.

Are you going to replace the drivers so the LED's get more power?

Welcome… I know a little about what are you looking for…

Stop to try to mod one of those lights, their cant resist the offroad, smug, rain and speed… :smiley:

A couples of friends of mine had this kind of lights in cars and bikes;

This models are spot

Four XP-G Leds for $43.95

12 XP-G Leds for $78.50\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

This one are my favorites, I am waiting for some extra money for try it for my motorbike

If you want a flood light this will work

9 Chinese Leds 2 lamps 59.95$ I cant trust in the quality of this ones

Have a look on DX, they had quite a few 12v off-road LED light kits for car modification. They came with metal mounts that you could bolt to your bike quite easily. With any of the bike light offerings you’re going to first have to figure how to mount them.

HAhhaha, I mean mud…

cheap choice

I bought 2 for my friend’s motorbike…
upload photos tomorrow evening…

Changchung, thanks for your advice. But i wouldnt give up that fast, at least i would like to see the housing of such lights before. Against water you can take i little thicker oring, for that there must be one construction, that allows to apply seals.
Ofcourse the glas would brake if hit by a stone, but so would the normal headlightglas. The mounting is imo not a problem, just a question of creativity and a little engineering.
The ready to mount Lights are nice for cars, but imagine them an a bike? The stylepolice would laugh their ass of.

Have nobody ever taken photos of the inside of such bike lights or tear them apart to see what is inside?

Eta that would be nice, can you compare them to the head/high beam light? i rather think, that 800-900 Lumen is not enought.

Here is another option. I make these in house. These are designed for automotive off road use, not a bicycle light that can not handle the harsh electrical system of a motorcycle. 6 XM-l Led’s. Here is one mounted on my DRZ.

A friend of mine just buy one of what I recomend you, when he received I will try to look inside…

Here is another option. I make these in house. These are designed for automotive off road use, not a bicycle light that can not handle the harsh electrical system of a motorcycle. 6 XM-l Led’s. Here is one mounted on my DRZ.

How much can you charge for one of this??? :smiley: what is the degrees of the lens that are you using?

They are $300 plus shipping. I offer all spot 10° or 4 spot 2 elliptical combo. My website is in my signature. There is more pics and info there.

Great… Thanks

I bit your Pardon, but 300 bucks are above all good and bad. with that budget i coud do serveral lights with a much better shape (such that match my idea of a good shape) by hiring a lathe operator.

I can tell you that this light would be worth every last penny…

I dont say, that they are bad. for sure a nice light, but not for that price.

I know some custom lights and that is the approximate price, aluminium host custom made, drivers, leds and lens are not cheap…

Check out his build thread on this forum.

If labor is cheap enough in your country to do that, maybe you should build a light that is better suited for motorcycling and start selling it.

You are forgetting that off the shelf flashlight drivers will not live long in a automotive environment. They are not desiged for the harsh voltage spikes in a automotive system. A motorcycle is far worse because the battery is small. The battery acts as a filter. To my knowledge, nobody makes a diy automotive ready driver.