Bill Zeng (LightMalls) Going to Build a C12, U3, XM-L2

Finally talked Bill Zeng (LightMalls) into building a C12 with a U3 and soon a XM-L2:

Dear B
sorry for late reply as the chinese new year
for the C12,we will make a batch with U3 emitter,as for the XM-L2 emitter,by these days,we will get them!then i will let you know!

best regards
bill zeng

Lightmalls - sales

From: B
Date: 2013-02-16 12:43
To: Sales
Subject: For Bill Zeng
Hi Bill,

I had a request from some of the members of my Light Forum, BLF, if the C12 could be offered with the U3 emitter or the newer XM-L2s. The C12 has large cooling fins, and could be driven at 4 amps. Also, many members would like to have the copper pill, as it cools better at high amps.

Thanks B

Was thinking or ordering one of these C12's, but planning on a SinkPAD upgrade anyway. Do you know, or anyone, if it will take a 20 mm star? Also, does it have an all aluminum pill now? I assume you are looking for a brass pill, not copper? Copper pills are extremely rare, even in high end lights - only ones I've heard of are custom made.

It sounds like an excellent performing light for the price and size, and it does appear to have excellent thermal characteristics. Only downside for a SinkPAD is single 18650 battery - doesn't seem to meet high amp draw, though IMR's do better, but then you get lower capacity.

Also - XM-L2's seem to be about 6 weeks away (Craig at IS says early April as told by CREE), so U3's are the next best...

I’m certainly interested, particularly if they offer xm-l2 nw 8)

Yes, I have a Lightmalls C12, and it is a 20mm star, but an aluminum heat sink. I actually ordered a bunch of brass pillars from Fasttech, and just swap out builds.

Charging my Panasonic 3100s from Fasttech, now, and will edit with tail cap for the OEM T6, C12…End 3.73 volts, 2.2 amps on High (Unprotected 3.3 amps)

Now that’s a nice c8 pill might have to get a few for screw in builds :slight_smile:

Oh! I got 3 of those pills - perfect fit (threads, and star mount), with some tweeking - used one of them in the LightMalls C8 that's doing over 1,200 lumens now with a XM-L2/SinkPAD!! Plan on building up another for a C8 or zoomie that has a perfect C8 sized pill in it now.