Bit of warning (china post)

I’m having a very hard time lately receiving packages from china with more than 50% loss. (With hundreds items that’s some real “fun” with disputes and mails and browsing paypal history) And these were almost NO BATTERIES!

I feel the latest battery glitch, but mainly near-total collapse because of the national holidays was just a prequel to what is going to happen during Christmas rush.

They - being chines - simply use and abuse every possible excuse and opportunity for not sending you stuff.

As a deal hunter, I run to this type of scenario so many times over and over I simply have to share:

You come across some new seller or just seller that wants to promote their account with many auctions starting at low price. You win some items, they actually send some, but as-soon-as they identify you as participating only in those low-priced items, they cut you off completely. Pretending sending stuff, but sending out nothing. Latest hack even include mass registering real tracking numbers - that never materialize and leave china - just to buy time.

So I strongly advice you to to not to participate in this year’s Christmas rush. Or with few items only. To save yourself a headache.

Fasttech even has a warning on their page of a 15 day delay with Hong Kong Post for non USA packages. Just completed a dispute on a package that never arrived, seller sent tracking numbers that never worked.

I ordered an ultrafire C12 from Aliexpress on October 2nd. I got an e-mail October 6th saying my order was shipped. I ordered this…

I’m starting to get a little nervous. Anybody else having problems from Aliexpress?

I’ve had two lost orders this Month, not batteries, both refunded by paypal. Also had one that took over two months to arrive.

Seems like a rather good deal to me… XML2 U3 (Never seen l2 U3 offered before), Coated glass and aluminum reflector for under $19?

Seller has great stats, item highly rated… I think you’re in the clear. Just make sure you stay on top of the end delivery date and contact seller if it is already past the date.

thanks for the warning…i don’t buy stuff that is not already in the u.s…i did read about batteries being bought from amazon that are a little questionable…it seems that they are shown on amazon in the correct package but when you get them they are loosed packed in a padded envelope…some customers report 1/3 or more of the batteries are dead on arrival…others check the voltage and say they got a great deal on 8 or 10 or 12 cr123s with an expiration date of 2021…

sometimes you just take a chance…

Amazon’s returns are supposed to be great though, from what I’ve read. I’ve made around 30 orders from amazon over the past 2-3 years. No issues with any product so far.

I'm done buying from China, at least until they get their act together with this shipping nonsense

i got 4 lights from them 2 C8 and 2 C12… they delivered.
BTW the C8 is much brighter than C12 ( lightmalls C8 XM-L2 is brighter than both of them )

Have you tried throwing in a better driver? It seems like it would be a great candidate for pushing some amps through.

So it would appear that maybe Swiss Post would be the best option at the moment?

I’ll remember this in my head on Christmas season on every year.

My one and only Swiss post order arrive after 6 weeks, tracking was abominable, the order contained no batteries.

Ugh, that’s not too good. Was the order supposed to contain batteries?

That doesn’t sound great. I placed an order at FT a few days ago and tracking showed up yesterday. It now shows “Departure from border point of origin country” so I hope that means it’s on the boat.

I also didn’t receive the last 2 packages sent through China Post. They are horrible the last 2 months.

Singapore Post is OK for now.

I’ve got around 9 orders out, and I really don’t know the status of any of them. Some are going on a month old.

I wonder why Singapore Post is currently listed as “unavailable” in the FastTech checkout shipping options?

I have had very good experience with buying small things directly from the East. Once PayPal refunded my money when the Web based seller went out of business. Some things come by way of the East Coast. But I have been pleased the great majority of the time.

Sorry a bit misleading :expressionless: , I ordered just a Nimh charger on ebay, no batteries because I didn’t order any. All I meant was no batteries to cause shipping problems