Black Friday Battery deal from Tmart ( 2 x 18350 ) for $2.99

Use coupon = e5859ab1d5

Was told the coupon will bring price down to $2.99 ( Haven't tried it myself )

Think about this for a moment… -Fire cells with capacities anyone who’s been around the block once or twice knows are grossly exaggerated.

wow a cheap grenade J)

Order Number: 13112953XXXX Date: 2013-11-29 01:44:52
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2pcs TangsFire 18350 1500mAh 3.7V-4.2V Li-ion Rechargeable Battieries White QTY 1 Unit: $8.02 Total: $8.02 (5 reviews ) Write a Review

I dont think I’d call 1500mah grossly exaggerated.

I cant enter the code, no box for it is coming up on the cart page?

LOL how would you call a battery with half the advertised capacity…

Anyway for slingshot ammunition it should be okay :wink:

If they were claiming 4000mah or something then I might be suspicious. 1500 is nothing to brag about and sounds about right for those cheapos. Good enough for my beater flashlights anyways.

A good estimate would be 600-650mAh.

Still not a bad deal, thanks for sharing!

it would expire, left four hours :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s good deal, so I bought pair for my slingshot.

They already shipped my $3 slingshot ammo, also they added tracking number for $3 order. Whaat?

Great! Thank you!

It said expired. Could have used these. For $1.50 each, not a bad deal.

I really should just buy higher quality though because it does pay off in the end.

The cells may or may not be great—but I am very happy with the 7 day delivery time :slight_smile:

Well, well, charged one up in my Nitecore I4 v2 and dropped the 18650 adapter and popped in the little 18350 and put the neg lead down the tube and the pos on the threads, and my Cen Tech P37772 said:

3.02 amps …

Order Number: 131030F3XXXX
Date: 10/30/2013
Total Amount: $24.68
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TangsFire HD-2010 CREE XML-T6 6W 1200LM 5 Mode Waterproof Flashlight Torch Gray $30.68 1
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Order Number: 13112953XXXX
Date: 11/29/2013
Total Amount: $2.99
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2pcs TangsFire 18350 1500mAh 3.7V-4.2V Li-ion Rechargeable Battieries White $8.02 1
$8.02 Payment Status: Completed
Order Status: Shipped

Just got mine in the mail 5 minutes ago, but I can’t test them until my drop in comes for my l2m. Very fast shipping!