[Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products

I ordered at 28.


code will valid in couple hours later

10 pieces $10 no limit value code ---QRV11AFODR9Y

Wow have to be so quick. I added to cart, went to check out, added code which worked but forgot to add payment, so added payment, then the code no longer worked :frowning:

Are there more codes coming this week?

Hello Sofirn, hello Jackie, I’m so glad to find this thread. I’m about to order Sofirn SC31 PRO…

18650, USB-C, Anduril. that’s sounds perfect for EDC.

I kinda want a warmer tint emitter (4000K) …

I’m still gonna order the version currently available (SST40 6500K) but also really hope Sofirn has a plan to release other version with warmer CT in the near future … (SST40 4000K, XPL HI 4500K, … )

$10 CODE used very quickly, $5 code still available

Thank you we are planning assemble some 4000k /5000K on SC31 PRO, 4000K LEDs are unavailable recently no stock of this color LEDs, 5000k will be ready this week if you interested in, link to SC31 PRO 5000K

SC31 PRO 5000K will be available this week, here is the link, order now to get the discount price on brand shopping week

SC31 PRO 5000K

no limit $5 code update now :63WAY9APP1TP

Ordered an if25a literally yesterday. Wish I knew about the coupons then but also ordered an lt1 this morning with a code. Thanks for doing this! Also made an account just to say thanks!

$10 already gone. Was it even there? :smiley:

$5 no limit available now, use it will gone soon too 63WAY9APP1TP

Thanks Jackie, had time to order black glass . Tried for a uv flashlight, but the code was finish .

Thank you Jackie! I was able to buy the SC31 PRO 5000K and use the $5 code for a discount.

Thanks. my friend and I both bought SD05’s using the coupon.

Thanks for the 5$ discount code. Order one 5000K SC31B Pro.

Well, my order of two SC31 PRO seems to have been shipped?

And now we can order SC31 PRO with 5000k. Now I’m really tempted to order third SC31 PRO :person_facepalming: hahahaha.
IDK, maybe I’ll wait for the 4000K version …

what is your order number ? if it still in processing in our warehouse, i could stop and change to 5000K