[Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products

$10 code doesnt work on LT1

OOPS I see they are available from March 28.. so that's tomorrow

Hello Jackie, how can i order from the poland warehouse to germany? It only shows me China, US and Russian Federation to select from for the lights you named above.

I would be interested in getting a SP36.

What version BLF LT1 are you shipping?

Your photos are of the first version with the off center handle, which I don’t want.

Thanks Jackie . Got myself a SP31 V2.0 at $18.72 Can.

Bought a C01 for 3 euros, Thanks for the coupon :smiley:

Wow all gone,damn lol, are there any more coming?

Thanks Jackie!

Nice i was able to order the SP36 BLF Anduril plus batteries with 10$ code !

TY !

Same! Great price, ($33.16 after tax) with $2.00,$3.00, -$10.00 coupons. Lowest price I’ve seen before and always wanted to try the Samsung LH351D leds.

I came too late…anyway, thanks Sofirn for making a few BLFers happier. :slight_smile:

5 apparently out of 25…………………….Either most people didn’t say thank you (or that they had used them), or maybe people used more than 1, maybe they shared them - who knows lol!
Either way only 5 acknowledged used on here.
Maybe next time give them away via pm? at least you’ll know 100% BLF’ers got to use them :slight_smile:
Thank you anyway for your kind vouchers. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I used it too. I have been waiting for 8 months for a promotion to happen. So it was a long wait to just get it.

Again, thanks Jackie and SOFIRN!

May be additional round? :wink: i was late unfortunatly

Got a C8F,

Thank you for the promotion.

Does this apply to air freight routes as well as passenger flights ?

Most of us think of planes as a way af business and holiday transport.
The Corona virus has seriously minimized passenger transport. Airport Schiphol is at 20% cap. Main objective, to facilitate the return of tens of thousands of people who are still out there, stranded while on holiday. KLM just retired her last 747 before it was originally scheduled.

But KLM doughter company Martinair still operates cargo 747’s. And when you listen carefully, you hear next to nothing about cancelling cargo flights. My last light, mainly ordered to test if BG was back in the game, was sent via airmail.

I used the code too !

Today, or the other day?

I ordered at 28.