BLACK FRIDAY SALE: NEW SkyRay G36 and NEW JetBeam BC40 -$70 shipped (both)

Hey guys,
Bought this light, arrived and loved it but I bought a SL3 and that has replaced this light. Its still sitting in the box and only been used to write a review when I first got it. Just bought a few news lights and now am in need of cash :frowning:

Selling for $35 shipped CONUS + 3% PP or $35 flat if via gift. PM me for details or questions. Ill dig up my review thread for photos and update this thread :beer:

Debating selling the BC40 so PM me if you are interested. I got it three weeks ago but had surgery so it hasnt even been taken out of the box (hence why im debating selling since I dont even know if I like it or not). If someone is interested in buying it then ill sell it now, if not ill test it out when I have time and decide to sell it or keep it.

PM or post here if interested in a combo deal :smiley:

Black friday sale: buy both, G36 and BC40 for $70 shipped (tracking and insurance included on my dime) (add paypal fees if not via gift). Today only sale!!!

If anyone wants photos I have them but forgot to upload prior to going to work so PM me or comment here and ill post after work (6est)

Here is the G36 (still looking for memory card with the BC40 on it)

Bump, sale extended til end of Cyber Monday :wink:



Leaving this up for sale until 12/9. If they dont sell then Ill be giving them to my father for xmas. He has a Convoy C8 right now but figured id help replace his crappy maglites.

If they do sell then I already have a few lined up for replacements that are better for him but these would do if need be.

bump for last day of sale

Keeping the price for cyber week :wink:

I’ll give you 35 if you throw in a set of matching batterys … :wink:

Considering that what the G36 costs and the BC40 is $55 new, Id say no. Also I dont sell my batteries.