Blackshadow Darth - UK Only


Price Drop - Now £38.50

More or less brand new only used it for about 15 mins. Got this for the low price of $62 just before the increase to $92 so will sell it for £40 delivered via 1st class recorded.

Dimensions: 50mm(HD)×150mm(L)×47mm(TD)
Weight: 350g(Without battery)
Color: Leaden
Emitter: 3×CREE XM-L U2 LED
Output level: High 1500lums-Mid 750lums-Low 150lums-Strobe 1500lums
Battery: 3/18650
Circuit: Digital CC circuit, Low-voltage alarming system.
Mode: Four modes, Low-Mid-High-Strobe
Dimming: Magnetic sensor control system
Material: Aluminum alloy
Lens: Impact-resistant optical lens with AR coating
Reflector: Metal reflector
Head & Tail: Stainless steel bezel ring, tactical tailstanding tailcap
Accessories: Tactical parachute-cord, Spare O-ring, User manual and Warranty card.

i blew off the (potential) groub buy for apparent reasons, so this 40GBP offer might be the last chance to buy the Darth cheap!!

Did you not like it?

Yes and no, i mainly wanted to see how it performed against my TN30 with it being a budget light compared to that.

Dropped the price to £38.50

Wher are ya in uk bud?


Near Newcastle.

Hi cm2010,
How easy is it to dismantle the head for future modding?


If this is still available a week Friday, I will have to buy it! Someone do me a favour and snatch it, or do me a real favour and bugger off! I want it!

Not really sure, not confident enough to take it all apart to see. The bezel screws off so the lens can come out and as you can see here there are screws so this part will also come out:

That looks promising, hate it when they get all carried away with the locktite!

Sorry to be a pain, but how deep is the reflector? Wont ask anymore questions….(until the next one)

Cheers chum,


I reckon about 20mm maybe a few mm more.

Thanks for the info, I’ll take it and see if i can iron out some of its faults……pm about to be sent.


Cheers Woody.

Sorry Gords,

Blame the beer!


Think i'll just sent you a few beers each time i have a light up for sale

The words near Newcastle seems to have revived its selling potential :slight_smile: .

Ledus know ya findings Woody,i have a feeling ther gona be usefull and popular.


No worries woody, you just saved some marital harmony on what would have been a buy I couldn’t explain away, plus I pick up a new light tomorrow and have a project on the way…. This would have been greedy, hope you like it. 8)

Can’t believe I misses this! Just in case this falls through please let me know, also in the UK.

Welcome to Flashoholics Anonymous, xmldriver!