Blast from the past the Xeno E03 flashlight.

Got my NIB rose red XM-L2 C1 U2 in yesterday and the guy listed a second for $29.99 on EBay.


It’s kinda awesome to see a classic having a comeback.

Out of the originals I bought back in the day I gave two as gifts then ended up losing the one I kept.

I grabbed a couple of more when Illumn cleared them out a year or so ago.

It is awesome, and these are classics.
They not state of the art, but simple, and solidly built. I would love to get some single mode, for foolproof and durable gifts.

Yes they are awesome. I’m glad I got the chance. Ordered 2 more today. Total of 3- 2 rose red one CW, one NW. and a royal blue in NW. will mod the led in the CW rose red with either a red nm1 osram or a 2700k sst20, if I am able to reflow them well enough.

Love these beefy little lights, nicer then the olight i5 whatever. IMO.

I think you just desolder both terminals. I didn’t checked what holds the pcb underneath. I read somewhere that it takes 1-3w 14mm pcb cree leds and jUst under a dollar a piece.