Blew up my Mateminco

This is what happens when you put your batteries in backwards in your Mateminco MT18S:
!Tail cap & body Tail cap & body - Album on Imgur!


Does anyone know where I can find these parts besides through the manufacturer? That’s all I need to fix my light. The head is working fine.

I have the same issue when I click on the link. Hopefully you can fix your flashlight.

cant see the image… you need to share the URL link to the image from an image host site.

How do I post the pictures on my post, not just the link? I tried to use imgbb, but only came up as links on my post.

What image host site do you recommend?

Yeah I did that and it stayed as a link. I want the actual picture in the body of the text. I’ve seen others have done it, I just don’t know how.

Upload the image to imgbb or imgur. copy the “direct link”, click on the picture icon in your blf reply or comment, paste the url, and set the image size to 100%, and post.

That’s a mess! You might want to reach out to Mateminco on Aliexpress for replacement parts, or the place you bought it from, but they’d probably direct you to them anyways.

This is what happens when you put your batteries in your Mateminco MT18S:

Does anyone know where I can find these parts? That’s all I need to fix my light. The head is working fine.

Here you go… Just type one exclamation point directly before and one directly after the image URL. Like this:

The circuit board traces are cooked. They basically became a fuse-link in the short and they popped. If there’s room in the light for additional wiring, on the back side of the board, maybe you could wire jump (bypass) them on the other side of the board? The springs are also toast. They probably got red hot and annealed (softened). Chances are the metal lost its ability to spring back. You could try pulling and stretching them a little but I have never found this to work long term once annealed.

They sell replacement carriers for like $20 on BG.

Note that the Mateminco / Astrolux MF01S does not use a carrier, but has the Q8 style battery insertion method.
TS is looking for replacement mcpcb’s

You might reach out to Mateminco or BG/Astrolux. (Remember it’s still CNY)

Are you sure the driver is still functioning?

Oh… heres a replacement cell carrier. Just order a new one. I wouldn’t bother trying to repair it. Although it would be really cool if you did succeed with a DIY repair.

Note China is on CNY holiday shut down. Expect ordering & shipping delays.

[EDIT] the link below may be a typo, per the comment above.

Seems pretty nasty, but since replacement battery carriers are available at a budget price, I think you’re good to go :smiley:

Yes light head works perfectly