BLF 26650 pocket special

I want to put an idea out for a build or BLF special. With Cree’s new XP-G3 and it’s higher amps allowance, I thought it high time for another special light. A few manufacturers are putting out 26650 lights with a booster for the XHP series. I purpose a triple or quad XP-G3 running 6-8 amps about the size of a fat P60 using 3-5 modes. No voltage booster needed, just a good driver from the plethora of drivers designed by members here. Really picturing something for this to use. The new Convoy L2 single cell body tube with Simon’s L6 10 amp tail cap switch. Everything stout, thick and heat ready for the amps. Cree publishes that their XP-G3 S5 will do 187 lumens at 0.35 amps and 777 lumens at 2.0 amps.

I’m thinking tactical light. Tail clicky and a side electronic switch. Tail clicky is on/off only, side switch is mode selection. What I want is for the light to come on and off at a setting I’ve set it on, no mode selection until I change it with the side switch. Example, it’s my backyard light I set it on turbo. Every time I click the tail it’s turbo whether it’s short burst, long presses, rapid tapping or clicked all the way on. If I set it for low or moonlight for the house, I want low or moonlight without having to scroll through all the modes blinding myself. Because of the output potential; moonlight, low, medium, high and turbo.

Why the mention of the boost driver for a 3V emitter?
Less lumens than XPL HI but better throw especially if dedoming these can be figured out, that should please some. Might need a different solvent or hot dedome.
With the lower Vf might need to used current limiting again for a triple or quad.

The L2 has a way too big head for a triple or quad setup, just imagine the weight of the heatsink big enough to fill the empty space… For a correctly sized 26650 host it should be done in a flat tube shape, since the optics have even less diameter than the battery. Something like the Olight SR mini in a more compact form.

Whatever host and emitter we decide, I hope it’s just a single 26650. And a side switch would be nice.
For those that want extra runtime, then a option for a extension or longer tube would be nice.
But I’m in!

I still have my blf a8 which was our blf 26650 years back. No longer gets used because so outdated

I mentioned the booster as an example of what the manufacturers like Acebeam, Fenix, Olight and Armytek are going the booster route on larger higher voltage single LED’s I like small very bright lights but think the traditional route of triple and quad can do the job with existing optics and drivers can do the job better. Booster drives have lower efficiency. I mentioned the XP-G3 S5 because they have the same output as the XP-L HI V3 and I was thinking of 24mm optics. With LEDil 34mm quads any LED option is available. Probably the larger optics should be used. Much of this is just getting the design in my head. Something Shadow JM07 size and style, it’s a classic. 34mm optics, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote 24mm.

Sorry, I meant Convoy L2 body tube.

I have one of these on order… To me this will make a great 26650 pocket rocket. Can’t wait to get it and open it up! If somethink like this could be built it would be great.

Shadow JM20

Didn’t realize that the G3 had caught up to the XPL HI, that’s good news for tighter beam enthusiasts.

interesting! subbed

I agree that a side switched triple or quad with e-switch would result in a shorter host than either a tail switched or side clicky switched host but maybe anodizing the tail threads could allow a simple lock out to stop parasitic drain.

I wonder what the point of an undedomed XPG3 is. Isn’t it lower output than an XPL HI?

Seems like magnetic ring would be best for that, then you could select the mode before turning it on. Somewhat like a spray nozzle on a hose.

I am definitely interest

I like the sound of this!

I’d prefer:
●No bigger than 45mm in diameter and no longer than 180mm, 40mm diameter would be ideal so I could use a traffic wand
●Neutral white
●Guppydrv would be a great UI option
●Make the optics user replaceable so we could choose between full flood or throw as the situation dictates.
●Maybe a GITD material under the optics.
●I would like to see at least 3000 lumens in high and a sub lumen moonlight light mode.
●I’d be fine with a side mode switch and tail cap if guppydrv or something similar couldn’t be used
●Dual lanyard slots on the rear
●Tailstand capable
●Strobe modes hidden if it even has them, if it does I’d like to see a flash pattern similar to the bicycle strobe on Vinh’s new drivervn3
●Quality knurling

I’m a sucker for pretty much any BLF build. I’m in.

Interested depending on how pocket size it is…

I.e. less than 12cm in length…

I really like the idea of a quad. I’ve built several triples…not in 26650 format but I haven’t built any quads. A nice 26650 powered quad would be awesome.

I’m in!
Until then I’ll build a UF-1408 single 26650 DD triple 219c
Ultrafire 1408

It is not within my skill sets to actually build the light I’m wanting. I posted here in the hopes of getting some help from experts far better suited then myself. Maybe get the ball rolling and a “tactical” BLF 26650 special could come to fruit. This if it comes to be it will be running up to 8 amps instead of a wire by pass, would like to use 1 mm thick springs. Lots of springs out there and most are 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm, 1 mm do exist in gold plated that should handle 8 amps without issue.

Back to you Tac Gunner;
1.) Size I’m looking at 140-150mm length, 40-45mm head.
2.) I like the mix of output and CRI at about 5500-5700K range. However this is a preliminary and options happen.
3.) No idea this is where experts help out.
4.) Looking at 34mm optics and there are options already produced so that’s a go.
5.) GITD nice idea not sure of how.
6.) XP-G3’s at 2 amps do 777 each, so 3000 probably. Sub lumen moon not sure but would be a nice target for moon mode. I could live with 1 lumen moon mode. It’s up to the driver.
7.) Dual switches were from real world experience. When I grab a light out of a holster side switches are hard to find. Tail switches are easy to find and the grip is proper if you need to strike or punch. I want the side switch to do only mode change. Like a TV remote, you have an on/off button and a volume button and they are exclusive of each other. Tail switch clicky also locks out all parasitic E-switch drain. My ThorFire S70 has this exact mode set up, I like it a lot, no surprises for the user when turned on.
8.) Yes to the dual lanyard slots.
9.) Strobe could very well be just a double tap on the e-switch. But then that’s whats locked into for the tail switch.
10.) Knurling, I’m picturing the new Convoy L6 body tube cut for 1 cell and tail cap. That tube has 4mm thick walls should be very tough and heat absorbent. Simons using a 10 amp switch in a tail cap that’s nearly the same diameter as the body. This makes for easy holstering in a leather or Kydex holster I also want the cigar ring and spacer.

I agree with your thoughts. I too prefer a tail cap switch for the same reasons but would be just fine if the mode switching was done with the tail cap as well although I do understand the reason for the side switch. As for the GITD look at, they have GITD rings. I do like the looks of the L6. Hopefully someone with manufacturing abilities will show up.