BLF A6 Driver & FirmWare Available to Buy Separately?


Sorry if this has already been asked in one of the Huge Threads about the lovely BLF A6.

Is there a plan to sell these drivers with it’s Firmware separately, so we can put them in our own Hosts etc.

Would love one of these in an Convoy S2+ Blue (or Red)! Or most of my other lights to be truthful :bigsmile:


I’d be interested in this as well.

They will not be produced en-mass, but sells essentially the same driver, and he might be willing to flash it with the blf-a6 firmware.

He’s your best bet.

I have made an attempt to try many firmwares, this has quickly become my favorite. Good even modes, memory works well… I also like ramp modes, but they are not as quick.

Many Thanks,

I was hoping that might be the case.

It will eventually filter through to us Europeans in the future, hopefully, as transport costs from the U.S.A are horrific to us here :_(

Perhaps James at 3electronics, who stocks the LD-2 drivers, and is in the UK, may eventually end up stocking them?

Send James a message. See if he has interest in stocking a FET+7135 driver and if he would ask Toykeeper about using her firmware.

I believe Toykeeper licensed the firmware under the GPLv3, which means commercial use is permitted (with a couple requirements: allow buyers to reflash / no epoxied drivers and publish any code changes). But still it would be proper to ask her before using it commercially.

Yes, I was very impressed too. Instantly loved it! I have a weakness for moonlight modes, turbo too, so ideal as Both available :love:

I too love ramping modes, and built a Convoy S2+ shorty host, with a ramping driver in it.

Takes about 20 seconds to go from moonlight to full blast.
Great idea, as I can give it 5 taps on the tailcap to go to moon instantly, or 4 taps to start ramping. Turn off to set level. Remembers level, (strobe mode too, if set up on the “end of ramp” flashes).

Probably does a lot more things too, but the sellers website was a bit vague on the instructions :smiley:

Stopped selling it unfortunately, plus only claimed 1W output. Seems a Lot more!

at mtn the driver costs near half a A6 without shipping…… :frowning:

Hello Halo!

Thanks for your reply.

I’d feel a bit cheeky as a new member here approaching James about it, but I probably will anyway :bigsmile:

As he has just started his new online shop, I might put in a stock request on that, for the future.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Yes, I gathered it might be something like that.

That’s why I was hoping they might filter down to us outside of the U.S.A. in the future, as larger amounts get imported, if available.

Be Vocal, Shop Local!

Thanks for your info. :slight_smile:

The kit is much less
17mm FET+7135 Driver DIY Parts Kit - Single-Sided LFPAK

and pcb
and shipping
and burning some until one works…

nah - i’d prefer a ready to go solution :wink:

Apropos, copied from the main thread posted Friday 09/04/2014 at 15:50

i trust (and I think you can trust) that — after the needed tuning and calibrating get done to make TK’s firmware work with RMM’s driver — we’ll see something well worth waiting for and paying for.

There’s “budget” and there’s “cheap” and this site is an ongoing lesson in how to tell the difference.

Just my opinion, I have no facts beyond what I read here.

Kit includes pcb. It’s easy / easier with solderpaste and reflowed on a stove. But yea, if there is a decent chance you could kill it, I guess it’s not the best option.

~ edit ~ I’m the one who misread. Sorry. :X

maybe i missread…

but it is only 65 Cent…. :wink:

lets see what comes up in the future….

Many Thanks for your info, these larger threads are hard to trawl through if you haven’t been following from the start.

I have no doubts as to Richard’s skills, or customer service etc.

I just don’t yet have the necessary skills myself, as a “Ten-Thumbed talent-less” solderer.

The thought of making something by soldering multiple parts almost invisible to the human eye is somewhat daunting, to say the least :open_mouth:

Hopefully a quality, fully assembled driver with TK’s software will eventually materialize from a more local (to Europe) seller in the future.

As you wisely said, Budget is not cheap, very different animals.

Know what you mean.

The experts make it look so easy, don’t they?

For those like me, who are somewhat visually challenged, and also took most of a term in metalwork in School to produce a (single) wall-hook to hang your coat on…. :smiley:

I’ll stick to what I do best, and being a “Ten-Thumbed talent-less” solderer isn’t it!

Fully built it is then :bigsmile:

Oh, once you add vision issues I’d bet some of these components might as well be bits of dust. :~ And then the diode needs to be oriented the right way. Going by a sometimes pretty faint line.

I'm hoping Richard (Mtn) will consider stocking the driver. As the question was asked a number of times in the huge A6 thread - my guess is he would sell many.

Though I've never bought from him (yet) his reputation for quality workmanship is well-known. For those who can't see the value but only the price, I can't help you. Try to understand that this is not a mass-produced driver with the usual 5-mode crap firmware and you can't realistically expect to buy it for a couple of bucks.

Despite the best efforts of all the BLF members involved, the soldering on the current BLF A6 driver is just one of the many QC issues causing problems both out-of-the-box and after a short amount of use. There is no way in hell you'd want to be buying loose drivers from whoever is making them currently.

I can do basic mods but when it comes to drivers and surface mount components, I'd rather pay a little more to get a working item than a bargain I may not be able to fix for $25. I'm sure I'm not the only one in that situation, despite this being a "budget" forum.

Many Thanks for your input too.

Much wisdom in seeing the difference between Budget and “Cheap”. Value has it’s own merit.

I saw a quote the other week on this Forum from a member who said, “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”, or something very similar. Wise words indeed.

Our main problem, as stated in the OP, is that regardless of quality, or value, very few would pay the cost of a smaller “Budget Item” over again in shipping to this side of the “Pond”.

As noted in my “Welcome” thread, we do seem to have a problem with imports from outside the EU, particularly the US, let alone the cost of getting it to here in the 1st place.

Thus the hope of a more “Local” source, to alleviate the eye-watering costs that can be incurred.

We are, after all, posting on “Budget Light Forum” for a reason :slight_smile: