Blf a6 pcb size?

Hey all I’m new to this forum thing so hopefully I’m in the right place. I just killed the switch in my blf a6… Must have melted the innards while soldering a spring bypass so it’s always on now. I’m waiting to hear back from Richard at mountain electronics and asked if he would send me a bypassed board and switch but if I decide to do it myself what size pcb would I need and what switch can handle those amps?

When I did something similar, I got the following from DealExtreme:

17mm Replacement Clicky Switch Module for Flashlight (DC 3.7~4.2V)
Item# 127690

I then removed the switch from the board and put it where the damaged switch had been (because the original board had a heavier spring + a bypass). Oh, and 17mm was the right size.

I checked that out, but it doesn’t say if its aforesaid or reverse clicky? I’m assuming it’s a reverse clicky if you used it on an a6