BLF A6 with X5 reflector, or BLF X5 with 18650 tube (A6 body)

I don’t have an X6 or X5, but like the idea of an X5 head on an 18650 tube light body.

I might have my history wrong, but didn’t Eagle Eye come out with the X6 design first? From memory they were quite disappointed when they lost out to Manker, and still wanted to work with BLF. Why don’t we ask EE to scale the X6 head down and put it on the X2 tube?

I would buy one, I really like the x5 would love it to have the extra battery life an 18650 would give it.


I don’t see why are we still supporting counterfeit… The only reason we ditched EE was because they couldn’t deliver a driver with enough amps, but still… The quality was better than the X6 made by Manker.

This thread's getting exciting

I won’t buy anything Manker after the A6, so disappointing quality speaking. EE X6, on the other hand, was really well made, so I hope for a X6.5 or X5.6 or whatever it will be called built by EE.

I could never follow along, who owns the rights to the BLF drivers? I was under the impression that it was either the members who designed it or BLF as a whole, but not Manker. Even if the original designers don’t want EE to use either of the BLF drivers there should be enough talent around here to come up with something.

If it was built around the X2 body perhaps X2.6 or X2.5 would be a good name to prevent too much association with the Kronos X5.

Eagle Eye is right up there with Convoy for my favorite manufacturers. Manker seems to do a decent job on stuff they design (with a couple exceptions) but can’t execute well when we stipulate the design. I think future “Kronos” groupbuys may be done directly with Neal/Banggood/Astrolux.

I would suggest contacting the owner of Eagle Eye through his Aliexpress store regarding this matter. I get the feeling he is a small operation like Simon is, but if you can get these images to him maybe he’d be on board.

My dream would be this form factor (X5 head, 18650 tube) plus the charger from the X2R, but that would hurt the aesthetics a bit.

I think it was less “disappointed” and more “furious.” There’s a reason why you can’t buy any EagleEye products on Banggood anymore. I don’t know how much EE blames BLF for that debacle, or if those wounds have healed.

Brilliant idea, Eagle eye X2 (convoy-compatible tube - 18350 tubes will also fit) with mid-size head with X5 size reflector.
Upd. No, X2R charger is bad idea, it lools awfull. Just indicator led.

Throw in side switch from EE X5 for some Narsil love.

What was wrong with the quality on the Kronos X6? I have both the Alu ones and the Cu/SS set.

I already thinking about the M1 or M2 but I found them too long and thick. The x5 head on a 18650 tube is great idea! If it happens I definietly buy one with BLF driver and an XPL-HI

I like the concept but will mod my A6 for that little bit more throw before I’d buy. That might be enough added throw for me, and this certainly will if the mods don’t. It does fill an unfilled ‘market niche’ as the biggest comfortably pocketable 18650 EDC light, and by using only existing proven components other than the head shell, it should be cheap and easy to produce. Whoever makes it could thread the head-body connection to be compatible with any existing light without treading on copyright or design patents.

Just no Manker involvement or I’m out. They have strayed from the path of righteous BLF lights with their QC blindness and unannounced changes, so we should not associate with them if we have better options available. More’s the pity because they can do very well, they just won’t. I’ve no experience with EE but respect the opinions of those who have so I’d try them first.


Hi guys!

Great to see everyone excited about this new light!

I have measured my Eagle Eye X6 and made some 3D CAD drawings to have a better idea of its final look. Unfortunately I do not own a X5, so it is not included in the comparison this time. I have estimated the X5 head diameter and lenght comparing the sizes via pictures. I have estimated the X5 head diameter to 31,2mm and X5 head lenght 42,5mm. If anyone can confirm that I can update the drawings but I don’t think it will make a visual difference in the final look right now.

Keep in mind these are not drawings for machining, these are just to illustrate.

The ideas of a built-in charger and side switch is much appreciated! I would like to see them both in this new light if it is possible (edit: ok, let’s keep it simple and budget-minded). Please spread the word so people who are experienced in dealing with the manufacturers and organizing group buys can turn this project into a final product.

God how nice, pmming a Kronos teammember right after posting this

Nice, very nice. I’d like it better without integrated charging, it’s an additional point of failure that I find unnecessary, as I suspect that we all have a lot of chargers :slight_smile: Also, the side switch limit a lot the ability to mod the light, so I’ll stay with a normal light with tail switch only :slight_smile:

Pmmed Johnnmac to bring this thread to his attention.


Agreed. It would be nice for me as a noob, but I understand the limitations. Let’s proceed as simple as possible now with the current X5 / X6 project that already exists for now.

Maybe in the future the manufacturer can make a “R” version like X6R (or use this as a substitute to the X5R), but it’s up to the manufacturer decide later then after the normal version is released.

Great! :THUMBS-UP:

Wow! Beautiful work, alfas! :THUMBS-UP:

I have an aluminum Astrolux S3, the X5’s cousin. I assume it is physically identical to the X5, but I may be mistaken.

Its head measures 47.0mm long and 31.0mm wide at the bezel.

I think the bezel a little short on drawings and the lanyard fin is small too but looks very nice!