BLF Community Battery Pulls Overview Thread (Laptop packs and Tool Packs)

Sorry no picture but they are light blue.

Light blue is 2600, good pull.

I found my NOS packs running 2 to 2.5 volts after sitting around unused for 4 to 6 years or so. I believe most are sent out sitting at storage voltage, but so far, every thing has charged up just fine and test pretty much at rated capacity. I would not waste time with used laptop pulls.

I have the XTAR usb travel charger which seems pretty good. Mine charges to 4.23xx on average which is in the rated +(-) .05 range. This should be from 4.15 to 4.25 if my math is right. What Voltage was your cells terminating?

My first charger from Amazon was a “smart” charger that normally charged to 4.4xx if you did not monitor them!

My iCharger is reporting all my cells with IR around 112 to 118 near or at full charge. This is two wire, not the better 4 wire readings but just a reference to me.

A few of mine came off my xtar wp2 at 4,55v.. crazy high.

The "New" sanyo ones I got are at 2400-2500mAh and resistance all around 90 , after charger, and discharge test.

Are they still worth getting?

I know the packs are new, but older stock. But not sure if they are still consideeed good..anyone??

I can buy them for $10 a pack, with 4 cells inside. Pack was really easy to open.

Still worth to get?

I would send that back to xtar.

I have another Samsung pack in the mail so test each and every one through several cycles over time. No leaks, failures and maintains voltage. What I don’t have are any fresh new cells to test against but plan on investing in high current Sony cells down the road.

My very fist pack from last year: Pack 1, Sony 2150mAh, May 25, 2004 date code. Every cell holds 4.2- 4.1 after days rest and capacity fine through hobby charger. I won’t toss these!



Sony date codes from around the forum:

on Sony lithium ion cells look at the first two digits in the second row.
8A = 2600mAh
G7= 2400mAh
G6, 6A, 6B= 2200mAh
G5= 2150mAh
G4= 1950mAh
The last 5 digits of that row tell the manufacturing date.
digit 1: year. Q=2008, R=2009, S=2010 and so on
digit 2: month. A=Jan, B=Feb, …J= Oct
digit 3+4: day
digit 5: electrode history
so the cell on the photo was produced on Oct 29, 2008 (QJ29)

These are the first set of batteries I got from 18sixfifty…they work GREAT and every light I put them in run like a champ…of course I only run them in my “daily driver” lights at around 3~ max

Sure would extra mAh be nice…but if you can get em dirt cheap go for it!

The ones with the blue ring around the + connector are 2600mAh and work just as well :slight_smile:

Just an update, this is the result of the discharge..of the red Sanyo cells.

call those keepers, no?

Yes, I think they seem to be pretty New. So I'll keep them.

those perked up really nice chibiM, you have yourself some keepers.

Thread updated with a new table that will be updated with new posts. Thanks chibiM for the idea.

Thanks Downlinx for doing that.

I know it can be time consuming once everyone is pouring down their data in this thread ;)

anyway, I ordered another pack (same as last time).

and today I bought a Dell pack (they said it was new, but voltage was very very very low) now charging

very very very low? My NOS Sony 2200 were at 2.xxxx volts but charge with capacity very near rating.

Yes, below 1v.

They quickly climbed and after some minutes they were above 3v

Almost finished charging.

Tomorrow I will do a discharge and check capacity, and keep an eye on them.

The price for these are good and they’re listed as genuine and new. Only thing that concerns me is they’re for a model which is very dated now. It’s for an Acer TravelMate 3200 which is from 2004. So these batteries are at beast from around 2005/6? That would make them pretty old. What do you guys think?\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

9 Sanyo 2400mah? , I think the 8 Samsung 2800mahs are a better deal.

I’ve pulled out packs from laptops released in ’06 and they still show 90%, so I wouldn’t worry too much about age.

Yeh that’s probably the case. I was going to go pickup but realised Kingswood is about 8 days walk from my place.

Were the 2800’s local or internet buy?


Australian seller unfortunately. I assure you the US has 100x better laptop deals. You’re not missing out.

I got another pack as my first one, and the same batteries were inside, about the same capacity as well.

The other pack, DELL had about 2000 in them. They were sanyo green tops, called ...xx18650x........I forgot the name.