BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

Very new to this, but I’d be more interested in something special that does more. And if price needs to go up then so be it - I hate that ‘wanting more’ feeling.

Looks like you need a login to see the review :)…

+1 to you too! I want a fully capable light! Something that has the capability of something else priced 3 times more! Maybe design wise it’s ugly but it’s awesomely capable, I will still take it! :wink:

I might be able to get one but its not 100% yet! Will see in a couple of days…

HD2010 with XPL or XML2 near 300 kcds ?? :open_mouth: :~

What about something entirely different? What about a recoil type of a design using an XPL and a heat pipe and a 60 or 80 mm reflector? That design has a far reaching and intense beam.

1st surface reflectors are a bit spendy about $20 - $22 for 75mm Anchor Optics

Maybe if we bought as a group buy they could make us an enhanced aluminum 1 st surface reflector at a nice price. Some limited production runs are as low as $13.

I hear you, even though Id like this light to be really impressive, yet budget thrower, wouldnt mind seeing V2 as almost-no compromise light.

And yes, make it fully regulated with decent turbo and good stepdown to decent high for that regardless if its 30$ or 70$, is this possible?

Argh! you are right! :open_mouth:

That is the way the guys at italian CPF are working. A FET driver + 7135, the same of Manker X6.
Stay tuned :bigsmile:

Well, we do have UF 1504 and 1503 at quite a temting price, an A17DD based 1503 do easy 250k mcds 1504

The one thing that we dont have is a nice 18650 55-60mm reflector based thrower, rifle mountable, light- 250gr tops, kinda pocketable too
That hd2010B will do the trick, ESPECIALY if a host only - engraving free ofc, on ultra, unique, tesla or godsfire…boored of those “something-fire based” flashlights….

Well I was having a chat with Jack via email who seems to be much more open to sending a sample but Celia has taken over all conversations saying she is in charge of this groupbuy so I think we need to look elsewhere.

This is my opinion in the other thread:

I would like a budget,max 30$, “pocket” trower, so one 18650 with big reflector and 3-4 modes

Agree, keep it small please! There's only big throwers around and there's no reason at all for the performance a good thrower to be big (how much space does a single 18650 and a single led at 5A need at all?). You need the large reflector diameter and the rest can be made very compact and lightweight, even big fins are not needed for the performance, some modest finning is just fine.

^ What he said !

Tom was getting near 250 kcd with xml2-u2, so should be possible to get closer to 300 kcd if you were willing to go xpg2 or xpe2 for a super thrower

I think what we all want is a single 18650 stl-v6. Do we just need to design it in CAD?

Shouldnt be too hard, but seems like the manufacturer is the problem?


“I think what we all want is a single 18650 stl-v6. Do we just need to design it in CAD?”


“All” of us?

Sure, I would like to have one of those too, but I also want a BLF - BIG-HEAD THROWER!

Not so Big that you would never use it… Maybe something around 70-90mm Head diameter, using 3 cells in series?

Yes - I think that you would have to design a “stl-v6”in CAD. - Please clue us in :slight_smile:


EDIT: You said: “Tom was getting near 250 kcd with xml2-u2, so should be possible to get closer to 300 kcd if you were willing to go xpg2 or xpe2 for a super thrower”

XP-E? - Very true, but that is just the sort of thing that is done, just for fun. - Very small Hot Spot, so better figure in the cost of the Binoculars you are going to need to see anything:) Not a very satisfying beam profile. - Great stuff in a P60 size though, I would imagine.

A larger emitter, “XP-L HI” will do the same thing, with a much larger, more useable Hot Spot

The XP-L Hi or XM-L2 will not do the same thing, they do not have anywhere close to the surface brightness of a XP-E2 at 2.5A, and so will throw considerably less. A XP-G2 comes closer already but will still not equal the XP-E2. If you manage to get the XP-G2 at its maximum brightness (which is not possible with a single Li-ion cell) then it has almost the surface brightness of the XP-E2. The XM-L2 and XP-L will blow their bond wires before the maximum die brightness is reached.

That’s true :frowning:
I’d like a compact flashlight, but IMHO is useless if you can drive it only a few minutes at high and than the battery go “off work”…

I vote for single cell 26650. I believe its a good trade-off between performance, runtime & size. It also does not give the out of proportion look by putting a huge head on a 18650 tube size e.g. the Eagle Tac Turbo heads - it really just looks funny. Well, my opinion that is…

Should the preference be multi cell, I definitely prefer parallel please 3 or 4 x 18650. This allows for linear DD drivers on the common thrower type 3V LEDs (XM-L / XP-L / XP-G). Buck drivers are ‘complex’, expensive & has possible heat issues when driven hard. Parallel cells are obviously also good for voltage sag compared to single cell setups, but, my preference still is single cell.

Only reason I would go for multiple cells in series is to run XHP-35, that is 4 x 18650, direct driven.