BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

A Maxtoch flashlight would be a great quality light, worthy of a BLF-version, but I'm not sure if it would be really budged, I think the idea would be under $25 or $30 the most.

I knew you have a hunting potential m8! I knew it

Yes we know its an OK flashlight, but its problem is that its too heavy for 227 and 223/ even 3006 caliber based rifles…not everybody lives in Australia, and not everybody has a guy to carry his backpack/10kg rifle while hunting :bigsmile:

Fandyfire stl-v6 is available around the $25-$30 mark.

Simply changing the design of the body and head, using high quality components and a modern emitter should net somewhere around 250-300k lux.

Could probably get a group buy done for around the $30 mark I’d say.


I want budget thrower for 25-30$.


So do I, but I don’t think that it’s going to throw very well for that price.

I’d like to have a $30 Pocket-Thrower, and a $60 Big-Head Thrower.

Low price is good, but you have to pay for what things cost. - Even the little A6 is $25, so $25-$30 is not going to buy you much of a thrower.

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Well, the Courui DO1 is only 30$ and that is a very good host - so why 60$?

I’m a bit sad that my opinion doesn’t fit the majority here.
Most of BLF Members want a 12 Mode driver with 4 different Moonlight modes and either extremely cold white or warm white.

I want a decent 3 Mode driver without Moonlight and a ~5000K LED for not more than 30$, better a lot less. At best with 26650 battery.

Why spend more than double as much the C8 cost for only a little bit more throw?
The same with the DO1.

We should make a “XP-G2 / XM-L2 / XPL on Noctigon in different bins and diameters”-GB and some GBs for “Bang for the Buck”-drivers (Like the 3 Mode Nanjg with FET-mod).

Well, Jacob A60 was decent thrower(and still is!) and it was selling for 11$ while still in stock!

So, I believe, good thrower in 25-30$ ballpark IS possible.

And yes, make it simple, 3 modes will be just fine - medium, high, turbo. If someone wants more, OK, add ultra low, like 5lm and thats it :D!

I would buy the A60 - but not with a XR-E.
At least a XP-G2 @ 3 Amps or so.

Well, the Courui DO1 for a little over $30 is Exactly what I want too, except that it is not anywhere Ready to do what I want for that price.

I would like to have some decent heatsinking that will allow for continuous output with Flat regulation on High. - Yes, 3 modes is Ideal… Maybe, 200lm - 600lm and 1500lm. - XP-L HI “5000K (properly focused).

The 3 cells should be run in series, so as to not have the problem of the Direct Drive runtime slope seen with the parallel Olight SR52 UT. - I would buy the Olight right now, if it were regulated in High…. It is said that because the slope is so gradual that you will not notice that the light is dimming down, which is true, But each time you head out the door and run it for 5mins, it will be dimmer than the last time you used it, until you recharge. - I really hate to hear those excuses, like: “Well, it’s really quite a bit brighter than you see here - It just needs to be charged.” . Design the driver properly, and you don’t have that problem. The Acebeam runs in Flat regulation.

Vinh will sell a Acebeam K40L dressed out like I have outlined above for $140, but I would Much rather get something like it for $60.

I don’t have modding skills, so that is a problem… If I did I could just make one myself from the Courui, but what would it cost me to do it? - $60… More?

I really don’t see us as being all that far apart on what we want, just on what it will cost.

Thank you, and have a great day,

Pick a cd rating and go from there.

A c8 will do 150,000 cd for well under $30.

An stl-v6 or hd2010 will do near 300,000 cd for maybe $40

Jacobs a60 in stock for is extremely hard to mod, but mine does 220,000cd for maybe $20

Something in the middle maybe?


Where were you seeing this for $25-$30?

This is a group buy thread,

The more we buy, the less we pay.

The light is not currently $25-$30.


I’m definitely waiting to see where this might go. I would definitely be interested in a custom BLF thrower!

It would be nice to see it as a 1x18650 with an optional adapter to lengthen the tube to accept 2x18650.

What about a Jax Z1?
We at CPF (Italy) are trying to make a GB with Neal/Banggood with this torch.
The specs are:
Copper MCPCB with Direct Thermal Path
Turbo mode @ 3,5A with step-down 3 min.
“CPF Italia” engraved
947 Lumens@3A (so not the 3,5 promised…they are working for more amps!)
Lux: 128000cd
Throw: 715m

If you want to take a look at the prototype, here is the link: Review Jax Z1
It’s in italian language, but there are a looot of photos. All kudos to Cyberscudo, the author of the nice review :slight_smile:

The only f*g problem is the price…not for my wallet :_(

i skyped today with Celia from shenzhen-wholesale.

company policy says: no free samples

but one can buy a light, check its quality and then we can start negotiate the changes and price.
or try to get it as host…

anyone take one for the team?

I would be in for a single 18650 A60 type of light.

My HD2010 55mm reflector, XM-L2 de-domed, 6.2 amps on Purple Efest 26650 148kcd. My Courui 68mm reflector FETDD (3) vtc5 XP-L HI 5700k 70cri 283kcd Courui 5000k 70cri 268kcd and my Courui de-domed XP-L can’t remember which? 306kcd. All the same resistance mods and drivers, on the vtc5 batteries, and the reflectors are on the boards, no centering rings. My Vinh modded TK61V4 measure’s 666kcd not the claimed 740kcd so take it for what it’s worth?

BLF FET driver + XP-L HI + big SMO reflector = :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Make it happen! A JAX-style zoomie would be cool too.

Max I’m willing to pay for a decked out BLF dedicated thrower would be $80. Why I’m willing to place my price point so high is because I am sure that I am getting a quality light with an awesome driver…