BLF Eagle eye X6

What driver is in it?? I can’t seem to find the info. Also can 7135’s be stacked to up the current?

yes u can stack chips there is plenty of room

Good to hear, I have one on the way. So its an unknown driver?

Several members reviewed preliminary samples and some pics should be in the review threads.

well i dont think its unknown, i think if u read every page of the original Thread of the BLF SE group buy u will find the answer but all i no its under power :)

There’s enough space to stack, but is the stock driver 7135 based?

Pretty sure it isn’t.

I see, so you would have to swap in a q-lite for example.

Quite embarassingly, I’ve yet to tear mine apart. From reading the original GB thread, I’m fairly sure it isn’t 7135-based. It’s also sorta bad. Or at least mine is. Seems like some folks’ drivers turned out great. Levels 3 and 4 (out of 4) on mine are basically indistinguishable. Best I can remember the driver is 17mm… So there are plenty of options to replace it.

Me either. I’m so far behind on mods it sucks. Modes on mine are well separated but current on high is meh. Good enough for walks with the new dog but not a barn burner. I bought them for the size/shape and lack of sharp corners and overall design. I still plan on sticking an LD-1 in one of them. I should first try it with a 4.35V cell.

Not sure about clearance of the tabs for the retaining ring on 105C/AK-47 drivers.

Dale would know.