BLF Edition ThruNite Saber 1A Group Buy - $19.99

Ditto. If this was a unique BLF edition with some kind of enhanced function I would buy. For now, my trusty T10 will do.

Yep. And to be frank, I’ve done this with other AA or AAA lights and as long as I don’t keep the light on too long or use the lower modes I haven’t had a problem - but some do revert to direct drive when doing so…

The T10/Saber is pretty small, light, and thin-walled. You would definitely want to use caution with li-ions. Not much different than any tiny pocket light really.

+1 Same situation here :slight_smile:

I know I might be opening up a can of worms, but can you build a better AA light for 20 bucks? I currently only have a sipik clone and I like the modes on this light.

I did some comparative lumen values in this thread: Comparative lumen readings

On Ni-mh I got: >1, 7, 125.

On 14500 I got: >1, 157, 378

Watch the heat though…

Just what I thought! That certainly answers my question. Thanks for the great info!

I bit on this one as well. Like djozz and bald1 remarked, I too wish they had done something more than just slapped a sticker on it to make it a special edition. Perhaps a limited run of special anodization color, a high CRI or NW XP-G2, or even an extra mode or something. $19.99 shipped to the states and a huge bump in output over my T10 was enough to make me bite though. Heck 169 lumens is only 9 off from the Archer's 178 and since I don't require a clip and a holster (have too many in that size already) the extra $15 saved made it worth it.

ANy hints for ordering?
Any additional bonus discount?
What about the 100points someone mentioned?

Is it really made for liion use?

100 points for new members = 1$ discount
You have to use them on last step (before payment)

New members of shop? or forum?

Forum and shop seem to be the same thing, so I was able to use my 100 points for $1.

I just ordered one. I don’t know that I needed another twisty, but I like the modes, like the discount, like the LED, and like the BLF. Thanks, ThruNite and ezarc!

Heck, after much review I broke down and got one.
First “BLF” ever. :slight_smile:

Could you please say something more about the points…
I have registered on their site just right now and I got a confirmation but no points…? :_(

It seems like as soon as I registered that it told me I had 100 points (on the site). Then when I went to check out there was a message saying you will earn 19 points with this purchase and an Apply Points button that let me apply the 100 points for $1.

Thanks, I have just ordered one for 18.99$.

I bought a T10 in the Christmas sale, and it has become my favorite EDC,
so I can’t resist this offer.

By the way, I just realized that after so much time reading this forum this is my first post here, so “hello everyone!”.

anybody? I wonder how they stack up.


For bang for the buck I think the L10 is the best choice of the three. I also prefer the level spacing of the L10 to the Saber. As far as output the XP-G2 L10 gives more than the “generic” specs shown for the model per Jake25. ~0.1/5/35/130 Lumens is ballpark. I have an Archer due in and suspect it’ll out throw the L10 but size, run times, etc would seem to go to the L10.

Thanks! I’ve been thinking about getting an L10 for a while, but since the Saber came out I’ve held off. Comparisons like yours usually seal a deal for me if I’m on the fence :beer: