Anyone else getting this? When I click on the link in my e-mail from BLF that tells me there is an update to a thread… this pops up. I had no trouble coming straight to the site. ???


Did you catch something??? Did you install a new malware or virus program or even a software firewall?

No, but don't click on anything - I dunno, could be something nasty...

No, nothing. It only happens when I click on the e-mail link…. and BLF is the only site that I have visited it is happening on. NOPE!!! Didn’t click on NUTHIN!! Ran like mad! Norton says the computer is clean. Odd! Just beware!

You’re being warned about, not

I know you didn’t mean to cast aspersions on SB56637 or his/her forum, but you really should just read the message.

If you want to check out, this Domain Dossier can be quite useful and informative.

Download Malwarebytes at and grab their free version. Install and run it.

You have a re-direct hijacker on board your PC.

Where is Boots? What has she been doing? Well you have to blame someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the link in the email is corrupt?

No, I certainly didn’t mean anything toward SB or BLF in asking. Not at all. The e-mails I am speaking of are not on my computer. They are on my e-mail service server at . Apparently, somehow ,somewhere between the BLF server sending the e-mail and it landing on’s server, the e-mail was infected.

The e-mail I received with the link in it to this thread is now clean and working. No telling. There is so much stuff going around we will never know. Thanks to all those that responded.


I KNEW IT!!! You have been talking to her again haven’t you! You two did it!!! Danged Aussies! :stuck_out_tongue:


A Tineye reverse image search finds some 45 sites displaying that same red image warning.
I fed that tool your image URL (the search will expire, but it’s just searching using the image as posted here)

Did you ask your ISP about seeing it?

It looks similar to one I see occasionally which my ISP explains as a general warning put up by an intermediary site that serves many downstream ISPs (which they tell us is why the big warning poster doesn’t say who sts the warning or what to do about it)

Apparently when a link is suspect in email, that warning goes out (instead of serving the suspicious link) through many downstream sites before reaching the person who sees the warning).

It has intermittent false positives — that may be what you’re seeing also.

Thanks Hank! TL