BLF flashlight, I only want one mode.

I’m having trouble understanding my BLF EE A6 firmware programming doc.
I just want my light to come on in one mode (high) consistantly. Is that possible?
I keep getting it to go from 4 diff brightness lvls to strobe, etc.

If it’s this one , then no, your choice of 4 or 7 modes.

Firmware docs here.

Couldn’t link to that FW doc

It can be put in ‘memory mode’ where it remembers your last level. If you stop on high and turn off, it will come back on high.

Ya, I think I have it in the 4 bright mode with memory on. I just keep bumping it, or turning it on and off to fast and it always screws stuff up. :slight_smile:
The doc I have wasn’t written real user friendly and I forget what I did every 6 months and how I read the doc. So wanted to check if another version was out or I could lock the light.
Thanks for the helps.

Sorry, retrying. :blush:

Firmware docs here?

Nope, doesn’t seem to work in the ‘insert link’ function. Here it is in plaintext.

(The link is on the product page at BG also.)

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

The MCU can be flashed with another firmware that can be programmed for one mode

But a very simple fix is to connect the FET signal pin to battery+ and you force the driver to DD, no matter what the MCU says

but remember you will loose LVP that way

Too cool. Thanks