BLF Interest list for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs Pt1(ENDED)

10 small, 10 large springs, thanks!

Nice work BlueSwordM. :+1:

Protected batteries with high current springs? :confounded:

It’s not ideal, but there are protected cells with 15A and 20A circuits.

Where Jason, links please…

Acebeam’s high drain 18650 and 21700 batteries are protected and do more than 15A.

I don’t have time to look them up right now, but I’ll try to remember where I saw them.

I think it was the 18650 from Imalent that did 15A which uses a 30Q.

Then the 20A was a 21700 5100mah from Acebeam.

Then I think there was a 26650 from Orbtronic that was 15A.

I think there were a few more and I know I wrote them in a thread, but I can’t remember where. I wish I could do a search for things I wrote across all the threads.

I’m not particularly into protected cells, but I’ll try and find the others later today if your interested.

That’s a good lead, I’ll see if I can find them based on that. I don’t use protected either but if there are some really good ones out there I wouldn’t mind having some for testing and sharing purposes. While I don’t normally have someone else using my lights it would be nice to be able to have a cell that could run em as they’re built to run and yet not be killed by someone getting over zealous. :wink:

You can :wink: , go to your account and then “my post” type in what you said or keywords under search comments and apply.
It only searches in your post and only the keywords you typed. :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

Ok, so now that the sample testing is complete ( :wink: ) I’ll take 50 large.

Yes, it worked. Thanks

I found one more battery:

This was from the L6 thread. As always, just because a manufacturer says it’s battery can do 15A or 20A doesn’t necessarily make it true. I would do a search to see if they have been tested before I bought them.

List has been updated again.

We are at 1666 big springs, and 1182 small springs.

Now, there are actually 20A capable protected cells?

They must be using quite powerful MOSFETs to achieve this, with especially low gate resistance.

I will take 20 big and 20 small.

We are at 1686 big springs, and 1202 small springs.

Appearantly. Keep in mind that the Acebeam 5100mah 21700 is a high capacity cell, not a high drain. I’m not sure what it’s base cell is, but it’s safe to say it’s not rated for over 10A continous (it might be a Samsung INR21700-50E). The EC65 light it’s used in draws about 15A, but only for a minute or less at a time. The protection circuitry still adds a bit of extra resistance so the voltage sag is greater compared to an unprotected cell. Both of these reviews have interesting battery tests. Maukka’s EC65 review. Toobadorz EC65 review.

Note that the EC65 has single springs on each end while drawing 15A. This light could definitely use these Beryllium Copper springs!

BlueSwordM, I need a clarification of how will the GB go.
First you order a batch of big.
If it’s good, you order small ones too. Otherwise the GB ends without making small ones at all, right?

What will be the delay from one batch to another?
Can you just wait with sending big ones until the small arrive to ship them together for those of us who ordered both?

In for 25 big and 25 small springs

Good idea, that would sure suit me if it is OK with BSM. It would not only save on shipping cost, it would save BSM a lot of time only having to just do one mailing to each person.

I’ve already thought about it.

You see, I said that the max shipping price INTERNATIONALLY for less than 110 springs would be 5$US.

So, for most people, I was going to wait until I received the big springs first, test them, and if they are good, I would then request the batch for small springs to be made.

That last part however, would need to be payed for by you guys and gals, since my hobby funds are almost empty by that last purchase.

However, for some people who ordered A LOT of springs, which are:

- MRsDNF at 120 total springs

- teacher at 160 total springs

- ASF at 200 total springs

- Texas Ace at 140 total springs

  • DB Custom at 150 total springs

For these guys, it would actually be CHEAPER to send the big springs and small springs separately due to weight reasons.

TLDR: For most people, I am going to send in big and large springs together.
For the people mentioned above, it would be less expensive to send the big springs and small springs together.

Whatever works best for you BSM first & whatever is cheapest second. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir!!! :slight_smile: . :+1: