BLF is running slow and gave me an offline notice for a moment

Its been slow since yesterday, and at one point this morning i got a Drupal site offline message

Thanks for reporting this. Traffic has been about average during the past few days, that is to say, fairly heavy. I’ll keep an eye on it. Please let me know if you see any more offline messages or if the performance improves.

will do, thanks

I was seeing "max users" error message yesterday a few times, but none today.


I saw a site off line message tonight, site was back up by the time my phone refreshed.

I just figured it was the gun lobby nuts probing us for info…… :bigsmile:

Performance has been up and down, but no site offline messages since yesterday

I just got the “max users” error too.

“Drupal” error message within last two minutes…

Yup, same here. Even got a bunch of jibberish across my screen about SQL errors.


it happens now and then

Do multiple BLF pages per device affect server load?

Just got the error for a bit.

That message means that you have too many flashlights and need to send me some for proper disposal… J)

rufusbduck is to blame for this. He is hogging the server with 6095 pages open. I suggest he should be experimenting with drivers and not interupting our browsing pleasure.Cry

You have failed to produce the proper disposal documentation, therefore you need to transmit them in my direction

Site Offline again:
The mysql error was: User sb73542_dbbudget already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections.

Got this too just 20 minutes before

I got the drupal message, then this when i tried to post

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/sb73542/webapps/drupal_6/includes/ on line 0

Warning: MySQL server has gone away query: UPDATE sessions SET uid = 3888, cache = 0, hostname = ‘’, session = ‘captcha_success_form_ids|a:2:{s:15:“forum_node_form”;s:15:“forum_node_form”;s:12:“comment_form”;s:12:“comment_form”;}cmf_content_kind|s:4:“node”;cmf_overview_filter|a:0:{}messages|a:1:{s:5:“error”;a:13755:{i:0;s:363:“user warning: Lost connection to MySQL server during querynquery: DELETE FROM boost_cache_relationships WHERE base_dir = ‘cache/boost/normal/’ AND page_callback = ‘view’ AND page_type = ‘tracker’ AND page_id = ‘feed_1’ in /home/sb73542/webapps/drupal_6/sites/all/modules/boost/boost.module on line 3405.”;i:1;s:467265:“user warning: MySQL server has gone awaynquery: UPDATE boost_cache SET expire = 0 WHERE hash IN ('cf13513950d63b2a33d59b307faca433’, '1714d7cc1f5 in /home/sb73542/webapps/drupal_6/includes/ on line 135

Warning: MySQL server has gone away query: UPDATE users SET access = 1356475557 WHERE uid = 3888 in /home/sb73542/webapps/drupal_6/includes/ on line 135

it went offline for me too around 5pm, i took a screenshot if anyone wants to see it

I got the drupal message on the morning of the 24th but was about to hit the road for the holiday. Got it and then tried again about 10 minutes later and still had it. I’d guess traffic was probably higher than normal.