BLF is Ten Years Old... Happy (Belated) Birthday!

I noticed that the ten year mark was coming up in December, and I totally forgot about it!

Today, BLF is ten years and two weeks old.

Congratulations to everyone for making this site so sweet!

I missed the first two years but for 8 years I found BLF a pleasant place to hang out. Congrats BLF!

Yep, I missed part of the first year.

I don't remember how long I lurked before making an account, but I really like the vibe here.

Been here for five years, active for four. Hope it has been like it is since the beginning.

So sb is fifteen this year. :beer:

Happy Birthday BLF!!! :partying_face:

Glad I found it. Happy birthday BLF.

Everyone deserves a nice 10th! Happy Birthday, BLF!

Been here but with a recent absence for a couple of years since the inception..hard to believe. Don't get old!

I had known about BLF since 2017. Glad I made an account. Happy Birthday BLF!!

Happy Birthday BLF, and thanks for the great forum, sb! I’ve been here a little over nine years. It’s a great forum!

Happy Budget Birthday

happy birthday!

Thanks SB!

I can’t believe that I’ve been on here for over 8 years. I lurked since the beginning. I remember when Calvin first opened Illumination Supply and I bought my first nanjg driver, p60 pill, and neutral white XML. That was the beginning… of the end lol.

Here’s to another 10 :beer:

Another 10… I really wonder where we will be. If things progress as they have the past ten (CAN they?) it will be quite exciting.

Happy Birthday & congrats + thank you to everyone who has contributed along the way to get here

It’s been a great ten years .

:face_with_monocle: :beer:

:beer: :face_with_monocle: :partying_face: :confounded:

Thanks for all your hard work, sb! :partying_face: :+1:

Happy Anniversary BLF and for those people who patiently shared their knowledge and patience.......Long live...