*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

You should just be able to set the ceiling to 100% and use the advanced menu to set “no turbo”.

Anyone else with a green led button have a T on the button? Unsure why this was chosen versus a simple button without a T on it.

The BLF Q8 was a partnership with Thorfire, so they branded it by putting a “T” on the button.

Thorfire hired Sofirn for the manufacturing. This was back when Sofirn didn’t make much under their own brand, and mostly manufactured things for other companies. That has since changed though.

Eventually the entire project, and its derivatives like the LT1, went to Sofirn directly. Thorfire hasn’t been involved for a while.

… but apparently they must have made a lot of those buttons.

Very interesting! I’m wondering how many LT1’s are out there with the “T” on the button. I’m not a fan because mine isn’t centered (I wouldn’t mind if it was). I’ll see if I can maybe I can center it myself.

I’ve never seen one with a different button.

“T” is for terrific!

Bought 2 within the last 3 weeks. Both got the T button. The spare button have the T also. Never really noticed it and it doesn’t bother me.

Sofirn has a trillion of the T-button caps to use up, so all is good! :smiley:

I don’t think Sofirn has any of the old mcpcb anymore. I didn’t order the one with the power bank function but I got the latest mcpcb based on the chart a few pages back.

Sofirn probably forgot or hasn’t gotten around to fixing the AliExpress store pages

Any guides on how to build a flashing kit for the latest mcpcb?

Not “T” for ToyKeeper? :partying_face:

I received notice today that mine has reached the country, and in the hands of the postal service. Scheduled for Monday delivery, but maybe I’ll get lucky and have a shiny new toy for the weekend.

Big big thanks to you and all who have helped on this project. I watched all your development videos. Long time Coleman gas lanterns user and I still plan on using them as I like the heat from them while winter camping. However the LT1 have become my go to lantern. I use it all the time at work too.

Patiently waiting for the mini version. Thanks again.

Got my third one today in green this time and just love the colour. :sunglasses:

This one has came set with the simple Ui and of course took me few minutes to remember the 10H to switch it to advanced Ui,
these days takes very little to get me confused…. :person_facepalming: :innocent: yes keep laughing you`ll get there one day too :wink: hope not :zipper_mouth_face:

Good that you pointed this out for others.

I’ve bought several different USB-C OTG adapters/cables to be plugged in the BLF LT1v2.0 (or other Sofirn lights that feature powerbank function, eg. the Sofirn Q8 Pro, Wurkkos HD20, Wurkkos TS21, Astrolux EC06, and possibly more in the future) so I can use the flashlight/lantern to charge other stuff that only use a standard USB-A male plug.

I notice that some of the OTG USB-C adapters (male USB-C to female USB-A) have bigger molds that barely fit the USB-C port on the lantern/flashlights.

Side question:

Is it safe to use USB-C OTG adapter/cable (USB-C male to USB-A female) on these flashlight/lantern to serve as a more general-purpose powerbank? Or would there be some concerns to note about?

(I understand some of the cheaper/lower quality adapter/cable will pass a lower current, maybe just 5v/1A; but the more expensive/higher quality OTG adapter can allow 5v/2A or maybe 5v/3A)

I have a massive Coleman GPA collection too! (over 90 lanterns, 70 stoves & heaters. :smiley:

I have noticed a variance in the molded plug end between cords and run into a variety of devices that have problems with inserting the larger molded plug ends.

I switched from smooth ramping to stepped ramping on mine … And never managed to get it back … :person_facepalming:

I think using an adapter is even better than safe (when using high-quality ones) because you can force the LT1 to act as a powerbank and the other device to charge itself. When I plug my smartphone in my Q8 Pro the phone tries to charge the light for some reason, so I need to plug in an adapter to the Q8 Pro which has 5.1k pulldown resistors on the USB-C CC1 and 2 pins to activate 5V.

Yes, this is a ‘universal’ problem with plug ends & sockets on various devices.
I have reverted to shaving a little off the moulded plug to get it to fit a socket. Otherwise I use a different cable.

Turn it on (1 click)… then click 3 times. That goes between smooth and stepped ramping.

thank you for your help;
I tried this already, but 3 clicks does nothing : after the 3 clicks, whether I wait and then hold or turn off, it stays in stepped mode. I must be missing something there