*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

main list updated :slight_smile: - just waiting to hear back from Barry on any progress they are making.

I think China land is on vacation for a week, until Oct 7th. ” National Day Golden Week

True, that’s probably why i haven’t heard form Barry in a few days.

I’m interested want one

I’m interested as well

I hope others who have bought the Zanflare Z1 have better luck than i have had with them…
(The first one i bought failed after attempting to mod, and a second un-modded Z1 drained its cell with an internal charger problem: - see the topic: DBSAR Lantern Mini-Review: -Zanflare T1 (UPDATE: Second T1 failed!
(in my last two posts on page # 5 , about the first one failed after a mod attempt, then a second factory Z1 i bought for a friend back in August had failed. (Posts # 161 and #162)

Interested in second. Thank you

Thanks for the heads up Dbsar… had read your thread and is a little concerning… SO now going with the Fenix CL23 as interim Lantern till the blf comes out

Interested in two if it stays under 100$

Interested in one. Please add me to the list.

I would have waited longer to post an interest list update but didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to welcome two first time post authors to BLF. Welcome to Klocknov who joined BLF today, presumably to show and interest in this lantern, and r777, who has been a member for over 4 years, but again first post showing an interest in this lantern. :beer: :smiley: :beer:

I have not looked at any other BLF group buys, but the number of folks who have joined BLF to show an interest in this lantern is enlightening to me. :wink:

1052 Dannyboyy
1053 dbesselt
1054 F.i.l.a.s
1055 Klocknov
1056 Klocknov
1057 r777

interest list sorted by entry number

interest list sorted by user names

main list updated! welcome to Klocknov to BLF! and for r777 first post in 4 years. :slight_smile:

I see Ryobi has a hybrid work light with color adjustment from 2700 to 5000. This color adjustment thing is blowing up.

Interested in one. Please add me to the list.


Interested in 2 lanterns.

Cool project, didn’t even know these type of community projects were going on. Very cool.

Interested in 2. Please add me to the list. Thanks!

Interested in one. Thanks.

- I’m still waiting to hear back from Barry on any updates. )


Interested in 1