*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Put me down for one, thanks :slight_smile:

Please add me to the list for 1

Interested in 1.

look promising, please add me for 1 unit
depend on the price though

I will take one as well.

If it is as good as the Q8 of mine worked out I will be very happy.

Thanks guys.

I, too am interested.

Interested in 1 depending on price of course.


Put me down for two, this looks great.

Oops, I thought I had climbed on this train early on!

Definitely interested.

I only wanted 1. wish i could afford 3. :slight_smile:



Will update the list at a later time but it will happen :wink:

Hi, I am also interested, please add me to the list

I’m in for one….hurry it’s getting dark around here :cowboy_hat_face:

Wow it is like everybody waited for the interest list to be opened.
Cool to see traction going again!

In for 2.

I’m in for one

Add me to the list for 1

Indeed! the list for this project is growing crazy fast.