*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Great video! As a matter of fact, it sold me on this project even more! Put me down for 4 more. Total - 6

Any chance they will bundle it with higher capacity batteries like 3400 or 3500 mAh?

WOW cheaper than I expected.

Please put me down for 1 more for a total of 2.

Does the Q8 battery tube also fit with this final production model? I saw Sofirn mention bringing the Q8 extension tube to life on Facebook is why I ask.

Probably these DLG


Wow, great pricing on the with batteries option! (depending on the batteries included, which I will have to have you guys interpret how good they are for me :person_facepalming: )

DBSAR, quick question for you (or the group). Has anyone tried out the new RAVPower Solar Charger (Amazon.com)? 21W instead of the 10W ECEEN and only ~$13-15 more, depending when it goes on sale. I wanted to get something a little more powerful to charge a larger battery pack and wondering if this would also work well for the LT1.

Thanks for any advice!

Please put me down for 1 more for a total of 2. I’m Nr. 776 on the list

Thanks to all involved Persons who made the Lantern-Projekt running!


I’m in for 1 lantern, please!

Please put me down for one, thanks!

This looks neat. I’m in for one, please!

I’m in for one please

Neat project. Please sign me up for one. Thanks.

In for 1 with batteries.

This sounds tremendously useful. I’m in for 1 + batteries. Thanks for taking on this project!

Which solar power bank was the one in the video? I see a few different sizes for that manufacturer - X-Dragon.

Is it better to get a solar charger like the one mentioned earlier in this thread and a separate power bank or an integrated solution like the X-Dragon one in the video?

I’m new here so I apologize if posting this question in this thread is frowned upon. However, I will be buying this to support my BLF LT1s and I’m sure others are curious about this as well.

I am interested in 1 plus batteries.

Smart idea

1 plus batteries please