*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I posted here for 1. Can I amend to 2, with batteries, please? If this is a problem, no worries. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep this all straight. I do, I run a conference and damn, volunteers run the world. You rock, and I appreciate it.

If you check my earlier link to the Sofirn 18650 tear down you will see they have the same cells inside. Sorry I can’t send the link again from my phone

ok, so I’m convinced that I do need second one.

Please add me for a second LT1

In for 2 please!

EDIT: How come the 15 min video update is restricted? I’m already signed in, but still telling me to sign in with google apps account.

In for one please.

Sam - Here’s the link you are talking about: Sofirn Battery Unwrap Link

I’m not sure if the 3400’s shown a few posts up are the same as the 3400’s in your link. Then again, your link shows that the wrap being different really doesn’t mean that much sometimes.

I’m in for 2 more lanterns (thinking of gifts). So it will be a total of 4 for me.

Thank you to everybody who had a hand in making this.


Its not set as restricted that i know of.

Are you trying to view it on an apple device?

Please add me for 1 more

Total 3

Please put me down for 1 more that’s 3 in total thanks.

Put me down for 1.

Please, can someone (who’s in good relations with sofirn) clarify if those are two different capacities and if sofirn is willing to sell 3400mAh together with LT1?

Retailers will typically respond to the desires of the consumer/market. As a great example, just look at all the awesome lights being made.

If people have suggestions for the retailer, I recommend reaching out to them directly as nobody will be able to convey your message better than you.

The way I understand it, this thread is to gauge interest in the lantern, not really work out the details of the offer from the seller/ partner.

There should be some vertical cooling fins

I think that came up earlier - It was decided that even on maximum, it won’t generate enough heat to need them.

Interested, please add me.

Put me down for 1 more please. For a total of 3 now

Interested, one. Thank you.

Please put me down for another one, 2 total.