*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Interested! 1 please. Thanks.

I’m intrigued by this … qty 1

Interested in 2 thanks!

I will fix that to four. :slight_smile:

I am interested in 2. Thank you

Can you put me down for a 2nd one? I’m 290 on the list.

Please add me to the list. Interested in 2.

I am sure that I read this somewhere here, but I think that using the Q8 battery tube and Narsil ramping UI for this lantern would be a great base to build on. The lighted E-switch on the Q8 has such a low parasitic drain that I do not think that it is a problem at all. In the ideas thread there is talk of making a battery tube to use four 18350’s and a head with a reflector for a pop can thrower. The thrower head, Q8 head, 18350, 18650 and maybe a eight 18650 battery tube would all lego together. How cool would it be to add the lantern head to the Q lego party. I think that this would be a pretty cool system.

This could become an amazing “do it all” lighting kit.

I wonder if there would be any way to turn the lighted switch on/off through the driver? At times the switch might be nice, but for many this may serve as an emergency light source, and I certainly wouldn’t want any more drain than necessary when faced with a multi-day blackout.

Well, with 12,000 mah cells, the lighted switch would take 10 years to run down, so drain is really not an issue.

TK has mentioned that it’s possible to adjust the brightness in software. So perhaps a newer version of Narsil can incorporate that feature.

The current Q8 software can already turn the switch light off with a few precise button actions. And of course the switch light can be programmed to stay off all the time through the menu options.

Interested in one.


Well seeing the list grow manufacturer must be able to make a lot anyway so 30 should not be a problem :slight_smile:

Interested in one please

You guys suck, but in the best way possible. All these builds just keep making me spend money. Count me in for one!

please add me to the list


Agree… this is like the drug business… first joint i free and all are happy. Later you have a hangover and no money left :weary:

I really like the design principles used for this lantern, congrats to the team.

Please count me in for tw2 !

Will update the list later!

Is this still an idea or have plans been finalized? Has any price been determined?

I thought we were still in the idea phase, but people keep signing up and I’m not sure what kind of light they’re signing up for exactly.

2 X please for sure but
Depending on price maybe more.

Thank you !