*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I don’t think doing the colored versiosn along with the standard black will slow the production, as they have already begin the process of acquiring the parts, building the components, and began setting up their factory tooling for production to begin as soon as they are ready to start. :+1:

Since Sofirn already has a computer rendering of the lantern, could you get them to send us a rendering in each color? I understand it won’t be exact, but I’d like to see what the lantern looks like, especially in the green and the gold sand colors.

Here’s your badly photoshoped hello kitty pink lantern you all wanted

Looks like it is radioactive :person_facepalming:

Okay. I’m sold. I never really thought about the fact that I’d be bringing this thing to camp sites where things are known to “walk away”. Nobody will steal a pink lantern and if they do it’ll be easy to identify.

+1. Unless Sofirn has changed their cells since January, their 3000mAh and 3400mAh cells are THE SAME, except for the addition of a protection circuit on the 3400.

This is the only complaint I have with Sofirn as it is dishonest to rewrap the same cells and sell them at a higher capacity rating and price. The cells are actually good values and match their 3000mAh rating, but the 3400 version seems unfair to customers.

I also have a few of their 21700 cells and those seem quite good as well and are, in fact, the highest-output cells I currently own. I don’t know how they fare against the best 21700’s, but they are measurably brighter than my 30Q’s and the (medium-current) LiitoKala 26650 I use in my Astrolux FT03 SST40.

Like a said bad photoshop

I have no idea what anodized “hot pink” is supposed to look like but I spent a few minutes on it just for the giggles.

Well… That could be a thing.

Tried to do something that somewhat resembles desert tan but I don’t have the skills nor calibrated displays so no clue what it looks like to anyone else.

They both look great to me!

Those color renderings look awesome :smiley: :+1: now if you did them as the original planned colors. (omit the grey, only the gold-sand and forest-green.)

I did try (quickly) before posting those two but couldn’t get them to look quite right using that image as the source.
Maybe someone who knows what they’re doing can give it a whirl. It’s a bit late here as well :smiley:

Hummm now I’m thinking I should get multi-color ones so that I know when one of my kids has misappropriated my lantern in lieu of their own.

The pink doesn’t look half bad, if it were a bit more on the red side it would be great

I’m interested, thanks!

I’m gradually moving my lights over to orange paracord with a retroreflective thread woven in. Amazing for finding things in the dark (as long as you have even a small backup light to use).

Unfortunately, my source seems to be out of stock, but here’s the link for reference:


I’ve seen this cord at my local supermarket (Meijer), I’m gonna have to pick some up.

Well if can be colors are likely to be a thing, in that case I want to get on the list for a second one.

Please put me on a list for 1 lantern.

Please add me for 2 more for a total of 6. Thank you!

I asked a few friends if anyone is interested in the lantern, got my first hit today. Please add one to my total SigShooter, should be 4 now.