*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Can it hurt to go +2 and hit an even 10?
I’m going to assume the window to redeem these group buy codes will span at least 2-3 paychecks….
(yes, that means go +2 and hit an even 10)

The firmware updates are relatively minor and I bet that for most people they would never know the difference. I bet that most people will just set the tint to what they like and then ramp/step to the level of brightest that they need at that moment in time.

There will also be other options besides AlieExpress so I wouldn’t worry about that.

It can’t hurt to go even more than 2! Plus……10 puts you into a tie for the most LT’s with 2 others. Sure you don’t want to order another 5 or so :smiling_imp:

51 additions today and the day still has 6 hours to run. Up to 2,620 at the moment :money_mouth_face:

Interested in 1. This IS open to new members, correct? I browse here and on r/flashlight, but just joined. Thanks!

Please up my quantity to 2.

Good Sir,

I humbly implore you to have a modicum of mercy upon me, for I have just ordered another 100 batteries to wrap and have no more nickels to rub for warmth. :face_with_monocle:

if its not too late, i would like to add two more to my order for a total of 3. entry #2295

Please add me for 4 more (total of 10). Currently at 1357, 1358, 1637, 1638, 2342, 2343

I’m just trying to save you from a life-time of regrets when you’re constantly thinking about……what might have been!

Congrats! You’re now tied for the lead in number of lanterns desired :slight_smile:

It’s open to one and all as long as they have an active BLF account :slight_smile:

can you use flat top or button top? or just button top cells?

For anyone asking or thinking if it’s too late add 1 or more lanterns…the answer is no. We’ll continue to add to the interest list until Sofirn says no more and they haven’t given any indication of doing that.

Everyone who is in my database will receive a PM as long as their user name is correct in one of the files linked to in post #1.

I’d also like to get a second lantern, for a total of 2. Thanks.

With one very specific exception, button top only.

1 for me

Good Sir,

How Dare You lump me with the common rabble. Were my resources not stretched as thin as an Alms House orphan, I’d give your list a well and thorough seeing-to!


Please put me down for one more, for a total of two. Thanks

Hey SIGShooter, would you put me on the list for 2 more please? Total of 4…Thanks